What to expect this week…

The holidays are officially over now.  Kids go back to school today.  I would guess that we will be back to full staff at the office today.  I mean, who takes holidays in early January?  I expect the office to be busy this week and since I am working on ITAssist, I expect to be extra busy.

I have a meeting tonight BBBS, it is my 4 month meeting with the case worker just to talk about how things are going.  Last night, my LB and I went to the Calgary Hitmen game.  I picked him up shortly after 5:30 and we drove to Franklin station to take the train.  As we were walking through the BMO Centre, a LOT of people were walking the other way, as if they were leaving Saddledome.  NM asked where they were coming from – I answered that I didn’t know, thinking that the Dome wouldn’t have an event right before a hockey game.  So, I stopped and took a look at the tickets.  It was 6:45pm.  Game time on the tickets – 4:00pm.  Nice.  We’ve missed the game.  I suppose that I shouldn’t assume that all games are 7pm starts.

As it turns out, we were not disappointed in missing the game and we can trade in these tickets for another set to a future game.  I didn’t really feel like seeing another game and when I picked NM up, he told me he really didn’t feel like going.   I told him we didn’t have to, but he said we should since we had the tickets.  So, I guess we both got our wish.  Oh well.

Anyway, meeting tonight and then wings at 1410 on 17 Avenue.  Should be good.

I was invited to the coaches meeting for Calgary Base Ruth this coming weekend.  Guess I will see what they have to offer me and what I can offer them.  By the sounds of it, they are more interested in me being a head coach than an assistant as they prefer when fathers aren’t head coaches.  It will all depend on the travelling and what not.  I don’t want to be driving all over the province.  I do look forward to getting back into the coaching fold – I have enjoyed umpiring, and will continue to do some umpiring, but coaching has always been my passion.

Not sure what the rest of the week holds.  It will be nice to be back into a regular routine, back to working from home on Wednesday as well.  I am sure that the dogs will like that.  I have spent a fair amount of time at home though being sick with a cold and all.  I still have not completely shook it – this week, I hope.

Anyway, if you are heading back to work or back to school, enjoy.  Only 50 some-odd weeks until we do it all over again…

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