First weekend of the New Year

This past week was a good one.  It is nice having the week broken up by a holiday right in the middle.  Can we somehow arrange to have every Wednesday off?  I work from home on Wednesday’s and that is pretty good, breaks the week up nicely, BUT, having it off is even better.  Even though I am sure that I would have lots of support on making every Wednesday a day off, I sort of doubt it is going to happen.  Oh well, I tried.

It was a busy week for the most part, zipped by.  I have to drop into the office, hopefully briefly, this morning.  Our internet connection speed at the office is being upgraded.  Currently, we have a 10Mbps connection and it is being upgraded to 30Mbps.  That connection is shared among 160 some-odd staff.  Currently, at home, I have a 25Mbps connection, for one person.  Well, business connections are a little different.  I am pretty sure that we don’t pay $50 per month for our connection at the office.

I am hoping that everything goes well.  The last time that we tried to install new hardware, it didn’t work.  I am not sure why.  We used the entire 30 minute maintenance window and had no success.  It isn’t complicated.  You take a cable from one device and move it to another device.  Not rocket science, not by any means.  Well, I moved those cables, didn’t work.  My fault?  Nope.  Who’s then?  Well, I presume Telus perhaps.  Not sure.  Maybe someone else configured something wrong.  I moved a cable.

When it didn’t work, I moved the cable back.  It worked.

So, today, I think I have to move two cables.  I would guess that this doubles the chances that it won’t work.  Guess I will see.  Just from past experiences, I seem to be some sort of pessimist.  Well, when things don’t work on a regular basis, I think you are sort of forced to become that way.  I don’t claim to be a network guy.  Don’t really want to be a network guy either.  Perhaps it is because nothing ever works.

Anyway, after that, I am going out for coffee/lunch with a friend and nothing else planned for the rest of the day.  It is supposed to be snowy and cold.  Colder still tomorrow.  Gotta love winter.

One of these weekends, I am going sledding with my LB.  Not sure when.  I think I will need to buy a good pair of boots before hand.  I do have a pair from Ontario, BUT, Ontario winter boots are NOT Alberta winter boots.  It is an entire different creature out here.

Actually, S. Ontario has been having some real winter weather of late.  They had that big ice storm that left thousands without power until just recently and over the Christmas holidays at that.  Now, they are in the grip of a major cold spell with more snow.  Not typical for S. Ontario, not at all.  It is sort of fun to read the posts from friends back there on Facebook. complaining about the temps and snow.  We deal with it daily out here, so, suck it up.  🙂

Anyway, enjoy your weekend – more later.

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