What a first day back…

Yesterday was an interesting day, to say the least.

It was the first day back to the office after nearly two weeks of holiday time for a lot of staff.  I decided to “jump on the queue” and assist since there were only a few people covering.  I do this often to help out, it also gives me some work to do when I start early in the morning.

One of the first requests that I received was an account re-activation.  Those are a bit of a pain to begin with.  This one had a twist – it was a rename as well, those are definately a pain.  So, I took to it – the user started yesterday. I got the request at around 7:30am MST, 9:30 EST and I knew it would take a bit to do.  Oh well, shouldn’t wait until the last minute to request an account setup.

So, started with that bit of a challenge – not bad.  As staff started coming into the office, we realized that there were other issues.

Over the holidays, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, we did some server maintenance to correct issues.  I was in on Christmas Eve to swap some drives and the RAID array had to be rebuilt.  We had to copy data from the server, rebuild, copy back.  Shouldn’t be any issues.

I was asked to check on Boxing Day to ensure all was well – it appeared to be.  My drives mapped, I was able to print and I had access to data on the drives.  Well, I didn’t think to check to see if a “regular” user would have access to the data as well.  I have administrator rights to all files, so, of course I had access.  We discovered, for some reason, that users had read only access – not good.  We also were not sure why they only had this type of access – it looked like they should have full access.

I waited for the network guy who did the work to come in – he works in BC so is an hour behind us.  As soon as he came online, I called.  He spent the better part of the next 5 hours fixing the issues.  What fun…  I spent the better part of the next 5 hours checking with users, emailing the office (likely about 10 times in total), doing this, doing that.  It was a busy day, to say the least.  Don’t get me wrong, I like busy days – it went by rather quickly.

I didn’t make it home for lunch.  I don’t like leaving the dogs all day without a pee break and Blondie in her crate all day.  I did leave work a little early and got home around 4pm.  Zeus was good, didn’t pee in the house (thanks Zeus) but was very happy to get out.  Blondie was likely happy to get out of her crate and able to stretch.  I hope that she won’t have to be in the crate too much longer.  I am going to try her on her own again in the next few months.  I will see how she does.

Last night, despite being a little tired, I went to the Calgary Hitmen game.  It was a good game with the Hitmen taking an early lead and they ended up winning 4-1.  Not bad hockey at all.  Speaking of hockey, Team Canada defeated Switzerland 4-1 at the World Juniors.  I was so busy at work that I completely forgot about the game – didn’t watch, didn’t check for updates on the score.  Canada now faces Finland with the winner facing the winner of the Russia/Sweden game.  Good luck Canada.

Today, I think, will be a more relaxed day at the office.  I start my day on the road.  Shouldn’t be too bad.  I have to go in tomorrow for a bit, we are doing a WAN upgrade so hopefully that will go well.  It seems that none of our other upgrades have gone according to plan.  Maybe 2014 will be a more lucky year?  One can hope.


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