Holidays are over

Back to work today – the holidays are finally over.  I have nothing against the holidays, but I am glad they are done.  Back to a regular routine, sort of.  I am sure the office will be a little quiet today, I would bet that a lot of staff will still be off.  I could be wrong, I will wait and see.

I have some running around to do at the office today.  I need to do some hardware recycling for junk that I dragged down here from Grande Prairie.  I guess they don’t have a regular electronic recycling program up there.  Oh well.  I also have to zip to the other office in the city to return a printer that arrived, DOA.  The mileage is good so I don’t mind.

I have tickets for the Calgary Hitmen game tonight.  I am taking my little brother and his brother and mom are coming along.  The Hitmen are offering free tickets to kids twelve and under for each adult that goes.  The games don’t sell out anyway so I am sure they are counting on additional concession sales.  I am sure it works.  The Saddledome seats about 20,000 – I would guess that most WHL teams don’t play in arenas that large.  in previous games that I have been to, the dome appears to be nearly empty.  It is good hockey as well and the Hitmen are doing well – unlike, say, the Flames who are competing for the basement.  Should be a good time.  These tickets came courtesy of BDO.

Saturday, I am meeting someone for coffee.  It is a good thing that she asked me to go out for coffee.  I was thinking the same thing a month or more ago, but, as per usual with me, never got around to it.  I guess that is just the way I am.

Sunday will be a second Hitmen game, this time the tickets are from BBBS and just NM and I are going.  That will give me my hockey fix, I am sure.

The World Juniors continue today.  Canada won their pool after a loss and a shaky game against Slovakia.  Then, on NYE, they go and beat the US in a really good game.  The Canadian goalie made an amazing save on a US breakaway that saved the day – clutch performance there for sure.  Canada held on for a 1 goal victory, much to the joy of Canadian hockey fans everywhere I am sure.  It is always nice to beat the US.  Canada faces Switzerland today in the quarter-final.  Hopefully they will do well and make it on to the semis and then the Gold medal game.  In the early part of the tournament, it didn’t look like this would happen.

Monday will truly be work as usual – I am sure everyone will be back in the office and the craziness of tax season will be on us.  We still have a few systems to replace in the office over the next couple of weeks and all of the old systems need to be packaged up and returned.  It will be a busy few weeks which will be good, time will pass quickly.

Well, better get my day going.  I plan on being in the office in 45 minutes.  Have a good day.  🙂

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