Photo Radar

OK, something that I really don’t like about Alberta.  Photo radar.

We used to have it in Ontario, only, as I recall, for a few years.  I never got hit by it.  Typically, I don’t speed.  Same deal in Calgary, however, they have “Playground Zones”, apparently, EVERYWHERE and since I have been here, I have received three tickets.

The good news is that because they (Calgary Police Service, I guess is the “they”) don’t know that I am driving, there are no points associated with the tickets.  It is just a huge (I would guess) cash cow for CPS.

So, these playground zones have a speed limit of 30 Km/h during daylight hours.  I received a great Christmas gift on the 24th, a ticket from November 29, 12:41 travelling at 44 Km/h in a 30 Km/h zone.  I know exactly where I was, I was heading from my new place to my old place down 9 Avenue SE.  I presume that CPS must use a van or something, I have looked and do not see any cameras.

Now, I know what you are thinking – SLOW DOWN in playground zones.  Well, I am trying to be better about it.  This zone is well known to me, no excuse really, I was likely in a hurry or something – well, rather, whoever was driving my vehicle was in a hurry.  🙂

Yes, I do need to observe these zones more carefully.  This ticket will cost me $87.  I think the last two that I’ve received cost me a similar amount as well.

Rarely, if ever, do I speed on regular streets or the highway.  I am not sure if they use photo radar elsewhere or just in these “zones”.

The picture of the back of my vehicle is clear – it is a Dodge Nitro and the plate is clearly my plate.  Dang…  Don’t think I can get out of this one.

I would really like to know, and I suppose that I could find out – how much does CPS rake in each year from photo radar?  I bet it is a lot of cash.  What do they do with this cash?  I presume that they can’t have it as part of their regular budget, I mean, if they did and people stopped speeding, they would be out of a lot of revenue.

I am also not sure if I agree with the 30 Km/h thing in playground zones.  This one in particular is a playground that is completely fenced in.  Now, I am by no means saying that we don’t need to be safe around playgrounds, I guess I am really complaining that I have to pay an $87 fine.  I guess really, I am complaining about being caught.

Perhaps a New Years Resolution would be to actively try to slow down in these zones and make 2014 a fine free year – how’s that?

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