World Junior Tournament

An annual Boxing Day tradition for many, aside from going to a shopping mall and squeezing in with thousands of other bargain hunters is watching Team Canada play in the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships.  This year it is in Sweden so there is quite the time difference.  I am not sure what time it is over there, but the Team Canada versus Team Germany game starts at 5:30am MST.  Good thing I am up anyway, otherwise this might be tough to do.

Canada has not won gold in a number of years.  They have had some heart breaking losses of late.

In general, I prefer this hockey to that of the NHL.  The players are still young and not making millions and for the most part, aren’t big cry babies.  I don’t watch a lot of NHL hockey until playoffs.  I will go to the odd game to see it live, now that I live in Calgary and have a team within 20 minutes of my place that is reasonably priced.  When I was in Niagara, I occasionally would go and see a game in Buffalo, it was pretty quick to get over there, around an hour.  I have never been to the ACC to see a Leafs game, well, why would I want to pay to see the Leafs?

Anyway, I am looking forward to watching this tournament.  With the time delay, it looks like I will be able to catch some of the action either on TV or streamed at work – the office is closed so bandwidth won’t be an issue.

Obviously, I am cheering for Canada.  I will admit, I know nothing about the team or the players and nothing about the coaches.  I guess I will learn as I go.  To end, GO CANADA GO !!!

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