Back to work

I have to go back to work tomorrow, sort of.  I will be working from home because the office is closed.  I also only have to work 8am-10am because I have 5.5 hours of lieu time remaining.  So, 2 hours of work ruined what otherwise would have been a 5 day weekend – I can’t really complain.  Well, I could complain, but I am not one to complain.  🙂

I am off on the weekend and then have to go back into the office on Monday and Tuesday, 7am-3:30pm shift even though the office is still closed.  Originally, I was granted permission to work from home.  This was then changed – I presume that someone got wind that I would be working from home and they complained so now, everyone has to go into the office.  Oh well, not a big deal.  It will be dead, but I do have stuff to deal with in the office.

I have New Years Day off, so that will break up the week well.  Back to it on Thursday and I am sure that a number of people will forget their passwords.

I am thinking that next year, I might try to save some days to take the week and a bit off.  It would be a nice break at the end of the year.  Guess I will have to see if I have time remaining.

I am sure the next few days will be a bit dead, that makes up for when it is rip roaring busy.  If you are heading back, have fun.

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