Merry Christmas

I am not much of a Christmas guy.  It is likely because there are no kids in my family, immediate family anyway.  The last two years, I have not been able to spend Christmas with my family.  My immediate family consists of my two dogs, Zeus and Blondie and I will be spending Christmas with them.  Currently, they are sleeping, so, it is peaceful.  🙂

There are a number of gifts for them from my sister and brother-in-law and myself waiting to be opened.  Well, in all honestly, the ones from me are not wrapped.  JB did wrap the ones from her – that was nice.  Both dogs do a pretty good job of opening gifts.  It is fun to watch and perhaps, if I am thinking, I will remember to record it on my camera.

I received a large box from JB & DB a few weeks back filled with wrapped stuff and two packages of goodies.  One tin was filled with Toblerone shortbread and it was amazing.  I love shortbread and adding Toblerone to it made it even better, if you can imagine that.  I brought it with me on my trip to Grande Prairie, possibly a mistake.  One the way to Edmonton, before lunch, I ate about 1/2 of it, perhaps more.  Between Edmonton and Grande Prairie, I ate all but 5 pieces.  The remaining 5 were gobbled down my first day in GP.  Excellent stuff.

The other edible package was toffee bark – quite good and there is still some left.  It will be gone sometime today, I am sure.

As for the gifts, they will be opened later this morning.  Unlike when I was 5 years old and woke up, likely at this time, I can wait on opening gifts.  I am sure I used to irritate my family by waking so early being so excited.

I will be staying home today, likely going out for a walk with the dogs but having dinner at home.  I was invited to two different co-workers houses for Christmas dinner which was very nice.  I politely declined the invitations.  If I hadn’t purchased all of the stuff for dinner today, I might have accepted yesterday’s offer.  I bought a Butterball stuffed turkey breast which should be good.  I am not one to stuff a turkey, nor does one person need an entire turkey for himself.  I also picked up potatoes, carrots, cranberries and those little Pillsbury crescent rolls that taste REALLY good but we discovered that they are REALLY bad for you – an amazing amount of calories and fat.  Oh well, it is Christmas after all.

JB & DB have unexpected house guests for Christmas.  Toronto suffered a major ice storm and my aunt’s place is without power.  Her two daughters are home for the holidays as well, so JB & DB had four of them come to St. Catharines.  I don’t think they really wanted to host Christmas dinner, never mind have over night (or multi night) house guests, but, as I said on Facebook: “It is a Festivus Miracle”.  I am sure she will pull through, she is a good hostess.

As for me, no house guests.  No place for a house guest to stay actually.  I do have a spare room, but I am using it as an office.  No spare bed either.  I do need to get something so that if JB & DB come to visit, they can use my bed and I can sleep on the cot, or whatever.  Lots of time to figure that out.  I don’t even have a couch for someone to sleep on.  I do have a reclining chair, it is very comfy and I have fallen asleep in it, so there is a possibility.

At any rate, my coffee is ready so I must hook up the IV.  Have a great Christmas with your friends and family.

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