Christmas Dinner

I had a few invited for Christmas Dinner which was very nice of the people who invited me.  I decided to stay home and have dinner with the pups.  I had purchased a Butterball stuffed turkey breast.  When it was cooking, I was worried about it but it turned out excellently.

I used my new mixer for the potatoes, made some carrots and an entire package of Pillsbury Crescent  Rolls – I can only imagine the calorie count.  I will have left-overs for a few days I am sure.  I even broke protocol and shared a half slice of turkey and stuffing with Zeus and Blondie.  Zeus scarfed his down while Blondie took a bit of encouragement to eat hers.  It is a habit that I am not going to get into, it might turn into a yearly tradition.

I am rather stuffed, which is typical for a Christmas dinner.

I had a Skype call with my family back in St. Catharines.  As you likely know, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes were hit with a bad ice storm and my aunts place in Toronto was without power since Saturday.

My sister and brother in law took in four refugees and ended up hosting Christmas dinner after all.  So, while they all pigged out, we had a Skype call.  It was good to “see” everyone again.

So, all in all, a relaxing day.  Santa (or JB/DB) treated me well.  I got two shirts, one long sleeve, one short.  A remote control helicopter which I have always wanted but it was something that I likely would not purchase myself.  I also received a hand mixer, Sports Illustrated Swim Suit calendar, a chocolate Stanley Cup, a Star Wars Advent Calendar (well, missed the opportunity for one square per day) and a pair of gloves for walking the dogs (camo, matches my hat from last year).  The dogs were also spoiled, they received a couple of pull toys, Blondie got a deer (or other animal) antler for chewing, some biscuits, a new water dish, new leash – lots of fun.  They wouldn’t open their gifts this year for some reason – oh well.

We had a good walk in the dog park this morning and tomorrow, I think we will go for a walk in the park down the street from my new place – they will enjoy that.

Hope that your day was awesome as well.

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