Where do weekends go?

This weekend, like many weekends flew by.  Wow.

Saturday morning I had to do a little running around and shopping.  The grocery store wasn’t that busy which was good – in and out pretty quickly.  It is amazing how quickly $100 adds up.  I mean, I am only buying food for one person.  I didn’t even get dog food in there – that is a job for today or tomorrow.

I did some stuff with my truck.  Not tires, not yet – too expensive.  I mean I will need to get new tires, but it is going to have to wait a week or two.  I guess I will withdraw some funds from my RRSP to finance them.  I am guessing it will be between $1000-$1200 for 4 winter tires and 4 steel rims.  It will save me money in the long run from having all seasons and winters mounted in the spring and fall.  Winter tires are just about a necessity here.  I think that I will use them about 6 months of the year, at least, maybe 7.  That will mean that a new set of all seasons will last twice as long anyway so that is a good thing.  It is just the initial cost.  In the spring, I think I will likely purchase 4 new all seasons.  What fun.

I won an eBay auction while I was away in Grande Prairie.  I didn’t expect to.  It was a double signed picture of Darth Vader where he has backed Luke onto the edge of the pit in Cloud City.  It is signed by David Prowse (the actor who did Darth Vader) and James Earl Jones (the voice of Darth Vader).  Very cool for a Star Wars geek such as myself.  I got it for $181 USD plus $20 USD in shipping.  I am going to have it frames or mounted or something which I am sure will be $30 or so which will bring me to around $250 in total.  A little steep, but it is a VERY cool item.  It will be my Christmas gift from my dogs.  Thanks Zeus and Blondie – very nice of you.

Anyway, back to the weekend.  I went out for lunch on Saturday with my LB, had a good time.  Dropped him off and took a nap with the dogs.  The evening was spent at the Calgary East / Forest Lawn Christmas Party.  Had a good time and the food, as always, was great.

Sunday was a day of relaxing.  I was up early, as per usual and we (the dogs and I) had a morning nap (6am-8am) then watched Big, went for a very cold walk in the dog park then had a second nap.  Two naps in a day is a good Sunday as far as I am concerned.  National Lampoons Christmas Vacation was on last night – a must watch each year.  It was on CBC which, unfortunately, cuts out a lot of the movie to fit in their two hour window.  Here’s an idea – make it a 2.5 hour window and show the entire movie.  Oh no, you couldn’t do that.  Waste of tax payers dollars the CBC is.  Oh well.

So, that brings me to today.  Back to the office in an hour and a half.  I am sure it won’t be an overly busy day today.  A lot of staff are on vacation already in our office and I am sure it will be the same in other offices.  Guess I will find something to do.  Have a good Christmas Eve Eve.

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