The Holidays

It is that time of year again – The Holidays.  Christmas Eve.  Christmas.  Boxing Day.  New Years Eve.  Yeah, whatever.

I have not really been all that in to Christmas for a number of years.  I am the youngest of the immediate family so, without kids, it isn’t the same I suppose.  I do, or did, enjoy going to my sisters house for dinner and hanging out with family.  Now that I am in Alberta, that doesn’t happen.  I mean, I could fly back to Ontario for the holidays if I wanted to, but it is a little expensive and also, kennels in the area are booked months in advance for the holidays.

It is nice getting time off of work.  This year it is a little odd.  Christmas Day is of course a stat holiday and in most of the country, Boxing Day is as well.  In Alberta, for unknown reasons, Boxing Day being a stat holiday is up to the employer.  Thus far, I am not sure if I am off on Boxing Day or if I am working on Boxing Day.  BDO, the company that I work for is divided into different geographic groups.  WCR, or Western Canada Region covers everything west of north-west Ontario, except Calgary, we are in LMR or Large Market Region.  So, for BDO in WCR, Boxing Day is a stat.  For LMR, except Calgary, Boxing Day is a stat.

Now, there is another wrench in there.  Although I work in Calgary, I am not a Calgary employee, I am a National employee.  National has Boxing Day as a stat.

So, naturally, I questioned HR to see if I had to work Boxing Day or not.  I don’t mind working, but, there won’t be much to do.  All offices are closed.  There might be the odd person in, but I sort of doubt it.  I can imagine that conversation if someone said:  “I have to go into the office on Boxing Day”…  It appears that there is some sort of hole in the Boxing Day stat policy here.

If I am supposed to follow the “Calgary Office Rules” and not take Boxing Day as a stat, that is fine, BUT, if that is the case then should I not get the other benefits that Calgary employees get that I don’t as a National employee?  If I am supposed to follow National rules, then I should get Boxing Day off with the other National employees.

Thus far, I have not gotten an answer that I can understand from HR.  I asked a simple question – Do I have to work Boxing Day.  I was hoping for a YES/No answer, I didn’t get one.  I replied, indicating that I didn’t know what she was saying and asked again – I got another reply but it didn’t contain an answer either.

I am, as people who know me and people who read my blog might know, a black and white sort of guy.  If this HR person wants to say “No”, you can’t have it off and gives me an explanation that I understand, that’s fine, say no.  You won’t hurt my feelings, really, you won’t.

Last year, without even thinking about it, I booked my Boxing Day as a Stat Holiday and was paid as a Stat Holiday.  Why did I bring this up this year you might ask?  Well, there was a memo sent to Calgary employees that only Christmas Day and New Years Day were stats and the other days were to be taken as either vacation or unpaid leave.  Now, that only applies to Calgary people and as I have noted, although I work in Calgary, I am not a Calgary person.

So, back to the holidays.  I will be off on December 25.  As for the 26th, I don’t know.  I know I won’t be going into the office, I might be logged in from home.  Right now, I don’t know.

I suppose, when it comes down to it, I don’t really care for the holidays.  Too much stress.  Too many questions on whether or not I get the 26th of December off or not.  During my conversations with the HR person, who, by the way is one of the nicest ladies I have ever met, I sort of felt like I was in a Christmas Carol and Scrooge said, “be in all the earlier the next day” sort of thing.

Not sure that I will get my answer either.  The person I was talking to is on vacation.  After this, maybe I need one too.

At any rate, whether I am working on the 26th or not, have a good Christmas and New Years.  Oh, I don’t even care if that offends you.  Get over it – I am not covering that subject today.


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