Grande Prairie, Alberta

I am heading to Grande Prairie, Alberta on Sunday morning.  I am the support person for that office, as well as the backup for the other offices in Alberta, but those ones have primary support people in them, so I don’t have to visit them.

This will be my last trip to GP, as far as I am aware.  In the first year that I was at BDO, I made several trips there, every couple of months.  There were a lot of issues to clear up.  Now that their IT needs have been taken care of, there is no need for me to go.  Most of the issues can be resolved remotely, either by myself or someone else on the team.  There are two staff members who are going to be trained on reimaging computers, that is one of the primary things that I would need to do up there.  This trip, I am replacing hardware for 9 of the staff.

I will also be working with our third party support company who, moving forward, will be taking care of emergencies.

In a way, it is too bad that I won’t be visiting any longer.  I like the people up there and they seem to like me.  It is an expensive trip though, not for me, really, for BDO.  A return flight from Calgary is about $650.  The hotel that I stay in costs around $150 per night.  Then there are meals to pay for as well – I get reimbursed for all expenses of course.  The only thing that I have to pay for is my dogs stay in their Pet Resort – $62 per day for the pair.

This time around, I am driving up.  My boss didn’t really want me to drive.  The mileage rate would be WAY more expensive than flying.  I negotiated and will be reimbursed for the cost of the flight.  I estimate that it will take a tank of gas each way, maybe a bit more.  So, perhaps $200 in gas all told.  I will get around $650 back in expenses so that is a pretty good deal – it will more than pay for the dogs stay.

The weather forecast is supposed to be good.  Mild weather (for Alberta) with temps just below zero.  The road to Edmonton is a major highway, the route from Edmonton to GP is a bit more remote.

I will be stopping in Edmonton for lunch with my ex sister-in-law and two nieces.  That will be good – haven’t seem any of them in a  LONG time.

So, good driving to me.  Enjoy your weekend all.

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