Back to coaching?

I received a reply email to something that I had sent out at least two months ago yesterday.  As I have blogged about in the past, I have umpired in Calgary for the past two summers and have really enjoyed it.  I do miss coaching though.  So, about two months ago, I emailed the President of the Calgary Babe Ruth league, it seems to be the largest league in the city.

He replied right away and copied the Technical Director and asked me to touch base with him.  I sent an email outlining my coaching and executive experience and didn’t hear back.  I sort of forgot about it until a few weeks ago – figured he didn’t need any coaches or perhaps didn’t get my email and I was planning on contacting the President again in the New Year.

So, sort of out of the blue, I got an email early yesterday asking if I had time for a phone chat.  Sure.

He called me at a perfect time – I had just finished a marathon call with a colleague at work (resolved her issues).  We talked about the league, what he was looking for and what I had to offer.

At this point, I don’t think I want to coach high level elite baseball – too much travelling in Alberta and unless my mileage is being paid, it will be too expensive.  The Babe Ruth league runs a great program, from what I have seen on the other side of the plate.  He likes the idea of having “non parents” as head coaches – I don’t blame him for that, it removes so many perceived issues.

So, there is a coaches meeting in early January and I have been invited to join.  I will find out at that time what they have open and will make a decision.  I still plan on umpiring, it is a good second source of income to be sure.  If I only have to travel about Calgary, that isn’t too bad.  I am actually very close to the home park for Babe Ruth as well, about a 5 minute drive, so that would be very convenient.  Actually, I am also very close to their other diamond so I am now in a perfect place, both for umpiring and for coaching.

I have taken two years off of coaching now, will this be my return?  Time will tell.

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