House warming / holiday party

I have decided to cancel the house warming / holiday party that I was going to have this coming Saturday.  It is a bad time of the year for people – everyone has something going, I am not surprised.  I was thinking that it would be an issue when I decided to have it.  Well, with only a few days to go, I only had a couple of confirmed people coming and a few “maybe” replies.  So, I cancelled and sent a message to those who said yes and invited them for chili and a few drinks.

So, I decided to keep the dogs here for Saturday night and will drop them off at the Pet Resort on Sunday morning.  My little brother, his Mom and brother will be coming over on Saturday, I think.  Might have 6 people over, somewhere in that neighbourhood anyway.

I will still make chili – it freezes well.

Sunday morning, I will head to Grande Prairie via Edmonton.  I am having lunch with my extended family who are there – two nieces and my sister in law / ex sister in law.  It will be nice seeing them again.

Anyway, I am not too disappointed in not having a party.  The house warming part is fine, I am not really much in the “holidays”.  I don’t and wasn’t going to decorate.  Why bother?

Anyway, have a good evening and if you were planning on dropping by, please do.  See you Saturday.

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