Stuck in the snow…

So, yesterday at work I had to make a trip out to the new office that we are opening in the north east of the city, essentially beside the airport.  Calgary got a few inches of snow yesterday as well, perhaps 6″-8″, in that range anyway.  Thankfully, the extreme cold snap that we were having has left us.

I got to the office with no issues and had to make a trip to Staples to pick up a business phone.  I left around 4:30pm to head home, across town in rush hour traffic.  I figured it would likely take me an hour to an hour and a half to get home, about 20km.

I leave the parking lot and decide as opposed to turning left at the next intersection, I will turn right.  I go to pass one of those huge plows, on the right, in the right lane and my vehicle slips off of the road onto the side of the road.  Now, I don’t think that there is a ditch there, but I slide into something fairly deep and am pretty well stuck.

A few good samaritans stop to attempt to push me out – no good, I am stuck.  A guy with a 4×4 truck and a recovery strap attempts to help as well – he’s able to move me a bit, but still, no good.  A third gent tries to help with skid pads – nothing, barely move.

All this time, I am on hold with AMA (Alberta Motor Association).  On Saturday, I figured that I had better sign up for a membership since I am driving to Grande Prairie this coming weekend.  So, after 45 minutes of waiting for someone to pick up and three attempts to push me out, AMA picks up.  I give all of the details and am told that since I am in no danger and am not blocking traffic, winch jobs are low priority and it will take 12-24 hours for them to respond.

I am a little shocked by that.  I am wondering exactly what I am paying for.  He does tell me that I am free to call another tow truck and that AMA will reimburse me for the expense.  They (AMA) will call me 30 minutes before they expect to show up.

So, I have a cool little app on my Nexus called Poynt.  I search in the business listings for “towing” and a huge number of results come up.  I start calling.  Each and every one is booking for this morning – 12 hours after I called so that really doesn’t help me a lot.  I am about to give up when I come across 305 Towing.  He’s happy to help and tells me he will be there in 20-25 minutes.  45 minutes later, he calls and then is there a few minutes later.  After 5 minutes or so, I am winched out and on the road.  The bill?  Not bad at all – $80.  He wants cash.  OK, let’s go to a bank machine.

So, down the road we go, he’s following me and I stop at a gas station / Subway with a bank machine.  Withdraw $60 (I actually had a $20 on me for some reason) and he writes up my receipt.

So, now I need to submit my receipt to AMA to get my money back.

I guess, all in all it wasn’t really that bad.  I understand that it was low priority and the weather recently has sucked – there were accidents everywhere, at least I was not a casualty.  I have entered this 305 Towing guys number in my phone – if I get into a similar jam in the future, I will be sure to call.

I have never gotten stuck before like that.  I do have a 4×4, but it isn’t like a Jeep, there is no 4×4 Hi/Lo.  It really isn’t designed for off-roading.  I will take this into consideration the next time and have a little more respect for winter, snow and Mother Nature, the bitch that she is.  I think if I still had my Wrangler, 4×4 Lo would have gotten me moving without the need of a winch, perhaps not, but that vehicle was pretty good in sticky situations.  Don’t get me wrong…  In most aspects, this current Dodge Nitro is hands down better.  But for some things, you really can’t beat a Jeep.  Too bad the engine sucked.  Oh well – that story has already been told.

Drive safe.  Call 305 Towing in Calgary if you have an issue.  They are awesome – thanks again !!!

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3 Responses to Stuck in the snow…

  1. Hi Kevin,

    We came across your story and wanted to reach out and say hi. First and foremost, we are extremely happy to hear that you were able to get a tow and to get home safely. We know the weather in Calgary has been anything but desirable recently; this much cold and snow creates challenges for many drivers, and the volume of calls we’ve received for Calgary and southern Alberta alone are a testament to the recent road conditions. Also, we’d like thank you for sharing the story. Without member feedback we aren’t able to improve our services and when it comes down to it, our members are our number one priority.

    As you mentioned, you are able to submit your original receipts to us within 30 days for reimbursement and can find the form you need to include right on our website:

    Thanks again, and feel free to contact us at any time should you have any questions, concerns or to learn more about all the benefits your membership offers.

  2. Jamal Hussein says:

    Thanks for the review I am glad to help

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