A busy week

This will be a busy week, actually, a busy two weeks I guess.

Not a lot going on at work really, same old.  Today, I complete the setup of our new office in the North East of the city.  It is not a complicated setup by any means, just need to bring some equipment and connect it.  I can likely handle it.

Saturday, Zeus and Blondie go to their Pet Resort and I host my House Warming / Holiday Party.  Nothing fancy, just a little get together.  I am not sure on who’s coming really.  I sent invitations out on a Facebook event page, a few people responded, a lot of people didn’t.  So, there might be six people here, there might be 20.  For some odd reason, no one from Ontario is coming out.  Sheesh, people.

The house is setup and ready to go.  Everything is pretty well in its place.  I do have to get rid of a number of empty boxes.  Some of them are ones that I borrowed from work – bankers boxes, so they have to go back.  Others need to be broken down and recycled.

Sunday morning, I leave for Grande Prairie via Edmonton.  I am stopping to have lunch with my nieces and ex sister-in-law.  Well, as of now, one niece has confirmed.  The SIL said she will come, as long as we are on her side of town as she may be working.  I haven’t seen them in years, at least 13 I would guess, maybe more.  After lunch, I continue to Grande Prairie with their replacement computers in tow.

I will be staying at the Pomeroy Inn, a nice hotel with an amazing buffet breakfast.  I am sure it will be cold, likely as cold as it has been in Calgary this past week.  I am there Sunday night, leaving GP on Wednesday after lunch.  We are having a pot luck lunch on Tuesday and a gift exchange and I have been invited – the staff up there seem to like me, so that is a good thing.

The following weekend, and this is now nearly two weeks off is the Calgary East / Forest Lawn Conservative Christmas Party.  Should be a good time.

So, a busy few weeks, I am sure it will fly by.

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