The Weekend

The weekend is now half over.  Yesterday was a pretty busy day.

I was up early, of course.  I am not sure why I am waking up so early recently.  I guess one advantage is that I get a lot done in the morning.  It also allows me to take a massive nap in the afternoon, on the weekends I mean, they would likely frown on nap time when I am supposed to be working.  I am up even earlier today, it is now 3:05am and I have been awake for about 30 minutes.  Oh well.

Anyway, back to yesterday.  It was the Big Brothers Big Sister Christmas Party hosted by the Keg out by McMahon Stadium.  It was pretty good, excellent food – hamburgers and fries and cookies we could decorate.  They had some games for the kids and crafts and Santa was there of course.  Unfortunately, I was too old to get a gift, figures.

I brought my little brother and also gave his brother a lift and we met up with his “big couple” there.  I told my sister JB that they were referred to as a “big couple”, she didn’t care for that term for some reason.  We left around 12:30 or so to zip over to my house to let my dogs out and then off to the Subway Soccer Centre for NM’s (my little brother) soccer game.  Cross town traffic was fairly bad – I have ranted about Calgary drivers before, so I guess there is no need to right now.

As far as soccer goes, it was a pretty boring game.  But, on the bright side, NM’s team won, 5-3 after scoring a late game go-ahead goal and then the insurance goal.  DM (my little brother’s brother) and I watched from the stands, playing with my iPad Mini (excellent tablet, if you are in the market for one, I highly recommend).  DM accidentally knocked over my vanilla latte that I had just purchased – that was nice.  He thought that I was mad at him – no, annoyed perhaps, but it wasn’t like he did it on purpose.  Well, off we go to find someone to clean it up and then off I went for another.  The lady at the coffee stand charged me $4 for the replacement, as opposed to $4.75 – worked out in her favour anyway since I gave her $5 and told her to keep the change.  I held onto that one.  🙂

After the game, I drove the boys home and visited my old neighbourhood to pick up some mail.  The lady who used to walk my dogs had collected some mail for me in the last week.

Got my income tax audit papers back.  The CRA, as expected, accepted my moving expense deductions so no changes to my taxes.  I guess they didn’t mind that I had filed the paperwork a few weeks late.  I wasn’t expecting them to reject it anyway, but, it is nice to have that behind me.  I also received my insurance renewal forms and payment schedule.  For a year of car insurance and house content insurance, I am paying $1149 for the year.  Not a bad deal at all.

That will hopefully, that will be the last of the mail to arrive there.  I didn’t pay for forwarding service from Canada Post, it has gotten expensive.  I guess in their never ending ways to make money, they have jacked the price all the way to $90 for that.  The last time I took advantage of it, I think it was around $30-$35 – times have changed.

The rest of the day was spent with some shopping – I had to replace my coffee maker.  It was dropped during the move and exploded into about a million pieces – it was the one item “lost” during the move.  I looked online and could not locate a replacement pot for the machine that I had just purchased.  Of course, all of the different coffee makers have different pot types, this doesn’t surprise me at all.  I also purchased a carafe for the coffee.  On the weekends, I typically make an entire pot and then drink it over a number of hours – now it will stay hot and fresh.  Coffee is my friend.

It was an early night, likely one of the reasons why I wake up so early, I was in bed and asleep before 9pm.  I must be getting old or something.  The problem is, if I stay awake until 11pm, I still wake up way too early so there is no win-win there.

My fridge is supposed to be delivered today, between 8am-1pm.  I am doubtful.  In fact, I’ve bet the LL (land lady) that they won’t deliver it – we made the bet for $20.  If they don’t, I am $20 richer and if they do, somehow show up, it will be worth $20.

Presuming that it does arrive, I will need to purchase a few groceries and frozen goods.  If it doesn’t, oh well.

I think the deep freeze is supposed to have left us.  This morning, it is a much more tolerable -15C so I think I will take the dogs to the dog park for a walk.  There is one near my house, just have to find it.

Well, that was my weekend.  Did you do anything?

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