Well, half way there

My stove was delivered today, around noon, slightly before that perhaps.  The fridge on the other hand would not fit through the door which sort of surprised me.  They took the door off and still no go.  So, a new fridge, narrower, was purchased.  I am told that it will be delivered on Sunday.

Well, given the Brick’s current record, I am doubtful.  I mean, there is a chance it could be delivered on Sunday, but, I am not going to hold my breath.

I actually bet my LL (Land Lady) $20 that it wouldn’t be delivered.  Again, given the track record, I am thinking it is a pretty safe bet.  Guess I will see come Sunday.  Everyone can use an extra $20.

The stove is great.  I have never had a new stove before – so nice and clean.  I made pasta and sauce for dinner – it boiled my water, so, as far as I am concerned, it works.  I will try the oven out this weekend perhaps.

Tomorrow is the Big Brothers / Big Sisters Christmas Party.  I am picking up my Little at 9:45 and bring his brother along with us.  I spoke with his mom tonight and she asked me to bring them to their soccer game after the party.  No problem there, she has to work until 5pm or so.  I don’t particularly enjoy soccer, but I will survive.

Should be a good weekend – everyone loves parties, right?  Free food is always good too.  No plans Sunday, other than waiting for the fridge.  LOL

Nothing big going on at work next week, not that I am aware of anyway.  The week after, I am off to Grande Prairie.  Right before that, the dogs go to their Pet Resort and I host my House Warming / Holiday Party.

It will be a busy couple of weeks – always is this time of year.

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