Appliances today? I hope so…

I moved in a week ago, well not quite a week ago, I got the keys at noon last Friday.  My first experience in the new place was not a particularly good one.  Telus came to install my TV and Internet at 2pm and the tech was right on time.  Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to really know what he was doing.  The TV worked and was downloading an update when he left.  He didn’t wait to see if everything else was working, no, he had to run off to an appointment.  Well, the Internet wasn’t working and was slower than dial-up.  Telus came through big time though and got everything going for me which was awesome – thank you Telus for providing great customer service.

Originally, my appliances (fridge and stove) were supposed to arrive on Friday but that was changed to Saturday between 11-2.  I was here for most of that time, unloaded my worldly possessions.  I had to zip back to the old place to do the move-out report with the property manager so the land lady came over for the appliance delivery.  At 2:05pm, she texted me that the appliances would now be delivered between 4-6.  OK, fine.

I was just heading back to my new place when I got a call from the LL, the Brick was here – I told her that I would be back within 10 minutes.  They didn’t wait.  Well, of course not – why would they wait 10 minutes when they left us waiting all day?  That would be insane.

So, they were supposed to be back Sunday, so I was told.  Nope.  Nothing Sunday.

Monday?  Still no appliances.  There was a snow storm on Monday, I think that is what their excuse was – not sure.  Wednesday was the day.  This would work well, I work from home on Wednesday’s.  That will work out perfectly.

I texted the LL in the morning – she replied that the warehouse was closed on Tuesday because of the snow storm and now, the appliances would be delivered today, Friday, a week after I moved in.

I was not overly happy about that and let her know that as well.  My frozen food was all ruined since it was in the truck on Saturday and the temperature climbed to above freezing, it all thawed out.  Right now, it is -27C out there, it would have stayed frozen forever.  I asked that I be compensated for the lost food – I am supposed to get some sort of gift card from the Brick –  I will believe that when I see it.

In fact, I will believe that I have appliances when I see them too.  Since the LL has not met my dogs as yet, I will have to zip home whenever the Brick is supposed to be here.  It is only a few minute drive, presuming that the traffic isn’t bad.  I am now less than 3km from the office, so it should be quick.

Shit will hit the fan if they don’t deliver today.  I am getting tired of take-out food, if you can believe that one.  That is the other thing that still needs to be installed – the fan, in the bathroom.  Hopefully it gets installed today.  If not, what is the shit going to hit if the Brick screws up again?

Have a good day.  🙂

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