In the deep freeze

The temperature, at 6:40am MST on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 is -18C, or 0F, pretty dang cold.

Deep Freeze


Sorta grainy – well, I don’t have image editing software on my computer, sue me.

This forecast, from The Weather Network is better today than it was today.  Of course, I am convinced that weather people simply “guess” at the forecasts.  They are wrong, it seems, more often than they are correct.  Next day forecasts are pretty accurate, any more than two days out, I don’t believe it, other than a rough guide.  When I want to know what the weather is, I can always look out the window.

Anyway, to say the least, things are pretty frosty out there.  This morning, there are very light, almost non existent winds – that is a good thing, otherwise it would be brutal.

Zeus does not like this weather.  He will go outside to pee but that is about it.  He does not want to go for a walk, at all.  Blondie seems ok with it, doesn’t seem to affect her.  She’s tough – Zeus has always been a bit of a wimp…

So, it doesn’t look like we will have any trips to the dog park coming up in the near future – maybe on Sunday when it will be a bit warmer.

Since my fridge has not yet been delivered (scheduled for today) I have been keeping fridge foods in the “mud room” – I think it hovers around the freezing mark, not sure.  I’d prefer to use the fridge though, I don’t get cold opening that.

Stay warm…

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