Lunch time and the dogs

I am planning on coming home at lunch now.  When I was living in the Forest Lawn area, I did initially come home at lunch but then when the Jeep died, I couldn’t do it any longer.  The train/bus ride was simply too long.  After only a very short time, one of my neighbours volunteered to let the dogs out on a daily basis which was very, very nice.  She wouldn’t even let me pay her.

Well, I have now moved across the city so unfortunately, she can’t let them out.  So, I am coming home.  Today, I took the bus.  It was pretty quick and dropped me off right across the street.  I am sure that Zeus and Blondie are happy to have me home, even if it is only for 20 minutes or so.

I don’t typically each lunch, I think I might change that and make a sandwich or something when I am home.  I don’t have anything to eat here right now so today, I will go hungry.  I will likely pick something up near the office.

I will drive back to the office this afternoon.  There is a parking spot available in the garage.  It will be nice to melt the snow off of the truck.  Tomorrow is another “work from home” Wednesday.  I might look into working from home on Mondays as well, not sure if they will be ok with that, but, it won’t hurt to ask.  All they can say is no.  We will see.

Anyway, I’ve let the dogs out once and now will let them out again.  Back to the office and a fair amount to do.  Enjoy the rest of your day as well.


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