Telus – The good, the bad and the ugly…

OK, everyone who reads this or otherwise knows me knows that I have moved.

I had Telus home services at my old place in Calgary and had no issues with it and no issues with any of the various tech’s who’ve done work.  That was, until this time.

So, the Internet didn’t work on Friday and didn’t work until today actually.  So, “a quick post about them:

The Good – The Telus techs who answer queries on their Twitter feed are excellent.  I had been on the phone for a total of about 3 hours with various techs on their phone system and got no answers.  By sending a simply Tweet, the “Telus Tweeter” was able to tell me what the issue was and although they weren’t able to resolve it right away, at least they answered.  Whoever handles that account, you are doing a bang up job.

The Bad – In general, I have been very happy with Telus and I am again since the issue was resolved.  The bad is the fact that the service wasn’t working after 3 days.  Pretty bad in my books.

The Ugly – I didn’t receive a response back from any of the phone techs.  They were awful.  So was the installer.  He was a joke.  As far as I am concerned, he shouldn’t have a job.  He did nothing but complain (even worse than I am complaining now) the entire time he was here.  The lack of response to my queries left me wondering what was going on and leaving me feeling like they really didn’t give a rats ass.

I filled in the survey that I was sent, before the internet got working today.  I wasn’t overly kind.  I did request that a Manager call me to discuss, I hope they do.

Again, all in all, Telus has been excellent.  I will add that the TV worked all along and the cell service is second to none.  I would still recommend them, even if there are occasional issues.

UPDATE – Tuesday, December 2 – I received a call from the Regional Manager for Telus yesterday based on the feedback form that they asked me to fill in.  Had a great conversation with him.  He listened to my complaints, asked a few questions and have scheduled a tech to come on-site again on Wednesday (a different tech, mind you) to re-cable the connection since this one sucks.  That was good customer service.  Sometimes, it seems that some people forget that customer service is the name of the game, I know that I have from time to time.

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