I’m moved, and unpacked

The move is done. The unpacking, for the most part is done. I am done, with moving. I’ve just signed a 40 year lease. Well, not really… I tell ya, I do not want to move the washer again. Heavier than, well, anything I can think of.

I still need to unpack clothes. I need to wait to install closet bars before I can hang shirts, etc. those are bring installed today. Clothes will be unpacked tonight.

I’m working from home today. There is a blizzard warning in effect, I’m sure I could make it in to the office but since I am working on the “Q”, why bother. I did get permission.

Since my internet isn’t working properly at home as yet (I’m sure that’ll be another post), I am tethered to my Android. Gotta avoid unnecessary data transfer today. Actually, the internet is faster on my Nexus 5 than it was via a network cable before I moved. Insane.

So, stay warm and safe today, I will.

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