The move…

As I have blogged over the last few days, I have moved.

I was off on Friday to prepare.  I did a majority of my packing and some cleaning.  It was a fairly relaxing day.  I was supposed to move my small stuff on Friday night, that didn’t happen for a couple of reasons.

Telus screwed up on my home internet installation.  The installer showed up right at 2pm which was awesome.  The guy that they sent was a joke.  From the second he got here until he rushed out (he had another appointment), he whined and complained about everything.  You might have thought that it was me doing the install.  🙂

He complained that he couldn’t get the line into the house.  He complained that he couldn’t drill through the outside wall.  He complained about not being able to run the cable through the ceiling…  It was something else.  I told him to run the cable along the ceiling, he complained that he didn’t have staples.  I told him to go to Home Depot or something and the guy who was installing the back door and dryer vent told him where one was.  Naturally, he complained about that too.

So, off he finally goes to get staples after the dryer / door guy offered to drill the hole for him and we figured he wouldn’t be back.  Well, 45 minutes later, he returned.  He took about 30 minutes outside doing something and finally made it inside to do his work.  The TV was activating and was going to, according to the display on the tv screen, was going to take 45 minutes.  Well, this was way too long for this guy, he complained about it and left.  He told me all would be well when it was done.

Ummmm, no, it wasn’t.  The TV is working, no issues there.  The internet?  Well, it is slower than dial-up.  By dial-up, I mean way back in the day of 2400bps internet – you know, the mid 90’s.

So, I call Telus and am on the phone for an hour – they discover that something has either gone wrong or been done wrong – I will pick that the installer did something wrong.  They claim it will be fixed by Saturday morning.

Well, after finishing my move, I test it – nope, not better.  I call again and speak with some French guy.  He wants to put me on hold for 10-15 minutes, I suggest he may want to call me back.  OK, he will.  25 minutes later, he calls indicating that it has been escalated.  Oh really…  Hopefully it will be fixed today.  They gave me a full months credit AND gave me my remote tuner for free – cool – that save me about $230…

So, I was at the new place until about 9pm trying to get Telus going.  That is reason number one why I didn’t move the small stuff on Friday night.

The second reason is that the guy who was supposed to help me was at the hospital with his wife – she needed emergency surgery.  That is a good reason…  I guess I will do the move on Saturday.

I asked three people to assist – two co-workers and one of the maintenance guys from my former property.  Saturday morning rolls around and the maintenance guy has to back out – his wife is in the hospital.  I can understand that, no problem at all.  at 7:50am one of my co-workers shows up and bang on 8am, my other co-worker arrives with a friend in hand to help.  Awesome.

We have a van, my SUV and a car – my one co-worker was unable to get his dad’s truck – oh well.  The maintenance guy was going to use his truck…

We start and the first load is loaded and ready to go by 8:18 – not bad at all.  Off we go.

Well, after a full morning and three trips, everything except the washer/dryer, my BBQ and bike have been moved.  The dogs are also at the old place, likely thinking that I am going to leave them there…

After a struggle, we get the washer/dryer moved and in place.  Wow, is a front-end loader ever freakin’ heavy – insane.  I have most of the kitchen setup, part of the bedroom and part of the office.  The living room is still a mess.  I will spend a lot of time today organizing.

I am really going to like it here – the place is awesome.


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