More on moving…

I really don’t care for moving any longer.  My last move, which, by far was the longest move that I did, was actually one of the easier moves I have had to do.  The reason being, I sold most of my stuff before I moved.  I moved pretty light and unpacking, etc., was easy and quick.

Well, I have been in Alberta for 18 odd months and I have collected a lot of “stuff” again.  I have more clothes now, I had to buy stuff for work.  I have extra shoes and boots, and coats and other outerwear.  I have a couch, a chair, a computer desk, a TV, a bike, a washer and dryer.  I guess I am a collector.  The nice thing is that I can get rid of stuff that I have not used since I moved here – that will clear out some stuff for sure.

When my roommate “left” (yeah, that is what I will call it), he left all of his stuff and junk here.  Today, I got rid of a lot of it.  He had a big screen TV, bed frame and queen size bed – gone.  A neighbour needed all that stuff so I said if you take it out, it is yours.  There is still some junk that needs to be tossed.  That won’t be too hard at all.  That will officially close that chapter of my life.

Most of my stuff is ready to go.  I still have some packing to do.  I am doing another load of laundry.  Once it is done, A) I can pack those clothes and B) I can go to bed.  It has been a long day.

I get the keys for the new place at noon on Friday.  I need to be out of my current place on noon on Saturday.  So, I have to move everything and clean in 24 hours.  I am sure those will be a busy 24 hours.

I plan on moving my couch and bed on Friday night, along with my TV, computers and food and I will stay at the new place Friday night.  That will leave the big stuff for Saturday.  I plan on moving all of the small stuff on Friday as well to make the helpers that I have coming have an easier time.

Although I don’t like moving, I am REALLY looking forward to this one.

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