T -3 Days ’till move in day…

I received the signed lease back from the landlord last evening – she was just dotting her T’s and crossing her I’s.  I won’t get my keys on Thursday evening, I get them Friday @ noon.  They are sending in a cleaner for the place on Friday morning (was supposed to be Thursday evening) but that is OK.  It will give me some more time to organize and pack seeing as I am taking advantage of my Doctorate in Procrastination seriously here.

Telus is scheduled to arrive around 2PM on Friday afternoon.  My internet will be disconnected in my current place early on Friday morning.  So, no internet or TV at my current place on Friday – how will I survive?  Also, since I am not planning on actually moving my bed, etc., until Saturday, no internet and TV for Friday night.  I suppose that I will be moving small stuff anyway so that will take up most of the night.  I guess I could move the bed and couch and stay at the new place one day early – will see on that.  I don’t think my SUV is large enough for either of those two items – I do have a friend with a truck though so it might be possible.

I am not canceling my parking spot downtown.  I am keeping it in my name and a co-worker is sub-leasing it from me for the same price that I am paying.  She is moving out of the downtown core and needs a parking spot and it is A) inexpensive and B) within walking distance of the office, actually, only a bit further than where she currently lives.

I plan on riding into the office often – as long as there isn’t snow on the ground, I should be good to go.  They do sell studded tires which I am told make winter riding pretty well the same as summer riding – well, except for the cold I guess.  I do have a balaclava and warm gear so I may just ride most of the winter.  If it is very cold or snowy, etc,. I can also take a quick bus ride to the office.

I have to still change my address with a few places.  Insurance, my license, health card to name a few.  I was surprised to find out that there is a charge to change the address on your license.  As far as I am aware, this does not apply in Ontario, but I could be wrong.  I will need to change registration information for the truck as well.

So much to do and not a heck of a lot of time to do it in.  I do like working under pressure, so this should be good.

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