Calgary East becomes Calgary Forest Lawn

I am on the Board of Directors for the Calgary East Conservative Riding Association.  Tonight marks the end of that Association.  Effective Saturday, Calgary East becomes Calgary Forest Lawn.  Ridings across Canada are changing their boundaries to more closely reflect population growth and general change.

Not sure what is happening at the meeting tonight, but an email came out indicating that it was a very important meeting to attend.  I was planning on attending anyway.  I  have been invited to the first meeting of the new Association on Saturday and will be going there as well.

I did mention that I am moving out of the Calgary East / Forest Lawn, but I want to stay where I am.  I am starting to know my fellow Board members and don’t really feel like “starting over” with a new group.  I also like the MP for the Association, he is a good guy.

So, out in the frigid cold tonight for a meeting.  It isn’t far and I won’t be walking – that is for sure.


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