My Weekend and being an idiot

My weekend was pretty good I guess.

Saturday there was a snow storm in the Southern Alberta area.  It was darn cold too, in the -15C range anyway.  I had a little running around to do on Saturday morning.

I was planning on going to Bragg Creek Leather to have him setup my leather trench coat with a removable liner.  I was on my way, called a few times and didn’t get an answer so I figured he was likely not in due to the bad weather – ok, so I will scrap that plan.  Didn’t really want to drive to Bragg Creek anyway, the roads would not have been kind.

I drove to the Subway Soccer Centre to watch my little brother play indoor soccer.  It was entertaining, I suppose, for soccer anyway.  I have never been a fan.  I guess it would be like a soccer person going out and watching a kids baseball game.  His team lost 7-1 I think it was, but they played very well in the second half.

I was invited to a pot-luck dinner on Sunday night.  OK, cool.  What am I going to bring?  I decided on my world famous chilli.  That would work.  So, off I go, after the game, to the grocery store to pick up ingredients.  I decided on vegetarian chilli.  I picked up my little so he could help and then we’d do something in the evening.  Chilli is on, he opened the cans for me – he didn’t want to cut up veggies or anything.  That’s ok, he preferred to play games on Facebook.

Spoiler Alert – Movie Ender’s Game (skip the next paragraph if you plan on seeing the movie)

We decided on seeing Ender’s Game.  Essentially, in a nut shell, an insect race invade the Earth and Ender (interesting name) is Earth’s last hope.  Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley play the roles of his teachers.  He wins, of course – we can’t very well have the Earth taken over by insects, can we.  In the end, he goes off to outer space looking for a new home for the one remaining alien.  Isn’t that nice?  Not sure if there will be a sequel or not.  I don’t think that the movie was that well received.  The plot was a little thin.  The lead actor is a young guy from Britain,  Asa Butterfield.  A good actor, I can see a promising future for him if he stays in it.  There were a lot of good, young actors in the movie.  Amazing talent out there.  I blame my family for not turning me into a movie star…  🙂

I drop my little off right around 10pm and head home.  The chilli smells great, tastes great too.  Off to bed.

Sunday, I decide, despite -16C temperatures to take the dogs to the park.  We walk the regular circuit which takes an hour.  They are a little cold and Blondie decided to become a dog slow plow.  She’d stick her head in the snow and plow away for a few feet.  They enjoyed themselves.  Zeus, per usual for him, took off and it took me a bit to find him – he likes to explore.  Blondie sticks pretty close to me and comes if I call her once.  They had fun playing with the other dogs and generally being insane.  Zeus has improved so much since we left Ontario.  I will give a lot of that credit to Blondie, she’s forced him to be social and he’s doing well with it.  He plays with the other dogs, big and small very well.

We head home and I head to the office to meet a co-worker who’s going to the game with me.  We leave from there to take the train to the game.  The Stampeders get crushed and lose 35-13 or some insane score like that – not a good game at all.  Of course, if you turn the ball over 7 times, you are bound to lose.

This is where the “being an idiot” part comes in.  Now, a lot of you might already think I am, and, perhaps you are correct.  I used a key fob to get into the garage at work.  It opens the door that I need.  Fine.  Well, when we left the truck, I tossed the fob onto the dash, not even thinking that I might just need it in a few hours to retrieve my vehicle.

So, when I return to the office at around 5:30, I DO realize and I am locked out.  I didn’t figure that a lot (or any) people would be leaving the garage at the dinner hour on a Sunday night, so, I take the train then the bus home.  Fun.  I also had left my house key in the truck so I am also locked out of my house.  This wasn’t as big a concern of course, my neighbour who lets the dogs out has one, and luckily she is home.

the pot-luck that I was supposed to go to?  Well, with no vehicle to get there, I don’t go.  I did call to let my little brother’s mother know.  Too bad, it would have been fun.

I don’t do too much the rest of the night, hit bed early and thus, wake up early – hence the 4:30am post.

So, the moral of the story.  Always take your key fob.  You don’t know when you are going to need it.  Also, always take your house key.  Lesson learned, I hope.

Enjoy your week.

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