A relaxing weekend then insane?

I don’t plan on going too much if anything this weekend with regards to my move in two weeks.  We are supposed to get a fair amount of snow today so I am going to stick fairly close to home.

I am going to go and watch my little brother play soccer at the Subway Soccer Centre – one of those huge white domes which is conveniently located close to my place.

Tomorrow is the Western CFL final between the Rough Riders and the Stampeders.  It is supposed to be cold but clear.  I have some pretty good winter gear, so I think all will be well.  I am going with a co-worker – should be a good time.

Next week at work I am by myself as my co-worker is off.  I am sure it will be a busy week.

The following week I am working extra time each day so that I can take Friday the 29th off to start my move.  I have a large SUV so I will be able to move the little stuff myself.  Then, on Saturday morning, it will be the big things – bed, dresser, couch, chair, computer desk, dining room table, a cabinet in the kitchen, washer and dryer.  I don’t think there is much else that will need to be moved on the “big day”.  Should be one load, should take an hour.  That is the plan anyway.  I will need to collect a number of boxes.  I might go to u-Haul and buy some boxes, they have good ones and they are pretty cheap.  I am not sure if I am going to rent a truck or not – guess I should see if one is available.

I am really looking forward to the moving, not the move itself.  Who really wants to pack all their crap up and carry heavy stuff?  Well, not me for sure.  I guess I will be able to “cull” out some stuff that I don’t want, that’ll be good.  It will also completely close the chapter of my life when I first moved here and had a roomie.  If you haven’t heard about that, read it here.  I will finally be able to rid myself of all of the crap that he left when I kicked him out.  He never came back for it.  Oh well – it is all pretty much junk anyway.

So, the next couple of weeks will be a little nuts I am sure.  I still need to cancel my gas, electricity, water, all with EasyMax.  I need to arrange for Telus to install, hopefully on the 29th at the new place.  If not, the 30th will work as well I guess.  I don’t think they install on a Sunday.  I need internet before the 3rd, it is a Wednesday and I plan on still working from home that day each week.  I will then need to change my driver’s license and insurance, which, by the way should go down since I am not driving to work any longer.  I will need to forward my mail, not that I get a lot – most of my mail is now done with ePost – I don’t think I get any bills or anything via mail now.  Who wants paper mail any more?

I plan on having a house warming party, looks like maybe it will be the 14th of December.  I am heading to Grande Prairie on the 15th.  Perhaps I will drop the dogs off at their pet resort a day early and not have them around for the party.  That will be easier, for me and for them.  They do like people, but they will get hair on people and bug them and then people will try to feed them bad things.  Yes, if I do have a get-together on the 14th, they will go in early – good idea.

Well, wish me luck.  It should be fun and exciting.  And tiring.

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