Work, keeping busy

It has been really busy in the office the last couple of weeks.  I enjoy it.  The days zoom by in the blink of an eye.  Yesterday, it was 4:30 in the afternoon and I figured it was around 2.  Oh well.  Seem to need more time to get things done.

As I am sure you know, I work from home on Wednesday’s.   It is nice and I am sure my dogs like having me around.  I have a laptop at home and I connect via a VPN connection to the office, essentially makes it like my laptop is connected in the office.  My phone rings at home, I can use regular Outlook and all of the other apps that I normally use.

This is quite the change from my last job where this level of connectivity was not offered, or, at least it was not offered to “regular” IT people.  I am sure that some of the “higher” ups had the capability.  I guess I really didn’t need that access at that job.  I didn’t have anywhere near the same level of responsibility.  Now, if the network or a server goes down, it is my job to get it back up and running.  Mind you, I do have amazing assistance from people all over the company who are experts in their fields.

We had some server work to do this past weekend.  One of the hard drives in the array failed and when we put in the replacement, the system didn’t pick it up.  Not too good.  So, Dell shipped a replacement part and we scheduled a maintenance window for the Saturday night as the server would have to be shut down.  It took us about an hour, no issues.  So, we had a double whammy, the drive failed and the part that it connects to failed as well (don’t remember what the part is called).  I am sure that doesn’t happen all that often.

So, that over time will be paid out to me – 2.5 hours.  It won’t make that much of a difference on my pay I am sure.

Working on the ITAssist queue has been busy as well.  This is also good as it makes the day go by a tad quicker than when it is slow.  I will be working a lot of ITAssist shifts during the Christmas break.  The Calgary office is closed so I have gotten permission to work from home.

I still have a few hours of vacation time to use.  I might use it one of those days, not sure.

I am going to look at a new place to live tonight.  I am not really “looking”, but, if the place has what I want and need, I may make the move.  A co-worker put me onto a real estate agent who specializes in pet-friendly rentals.  It is a 2 bedroom in the Mount Royal area – VERY close to the office, within a short bike ride or a 25 minute walk – not too bad.

I will need to be able to move my washer/dryer for sure.  I just purchased it and I am not willing to sell taking a large loss.  I also don’t want carpeting.  Hardwood or laminate and tile or some other kitchen floor would be idea.  It is too hard to keep carpeting clean with two dogs.  I am not sure if it has a backyard, not a deal breaker as I am used to taking the dogs out regularly.  I would need a spot for a BBQ and a parking spot as well.  If I do move, I would be able to cancel my parking spot downtown, so that would save me $150 per month.  I wouldn’t need a bus pass either as I would either walk to ride to work – that would likely be good for me too.

So, before I’ve seen it, a brief wish list:

  1. hardwood or laminate flooring
  2. tile in the kitchen
  3. parking spot
  4. space for the washer/dryer
  5. backyard
  6. fireplace
  7. gas stove

That’s about it.  Only items 1, 3 & 4 are required.  No compromise on those ones.  I am sure there won’t be carpeting in the kitchen, although I have rented a place previously that did have it – very odd.  It was also a dusty rose colour.

So, wish me luck.  I am hoping I will like it.  As long as I take the dogs with me, they will like it to.

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