A Four Day Weekend

I worked OT last week and took Friday off in lieu. I had a bunch of running around to do and got most of it done.  I planned on taking the dogs to the dog park but we didn’t make it.  I know, bad owner eh.

I purchased a new phone.  The LG Nexus 5.  What an amazing phone this is.  Being the “Google” phone, it will get updates immediately, not whenever the provider feels like making them available.  It is also unlocked, so, if I decide to go to another provider, I can move it easily. It is running the newest version of Android, 4.4, KitKat.  Thus far, I love it – amazing phone.  Had a few features that my Samsung Galaxy Note didn’t have and it is not so bulking either…  I can use it and it doesn’t cover the entire side of my head.

Saturday was a more relaxing day.   I did some more shopping (groceries and dog stuff), bought a skin for my new phone – there aren’t any cases for it yet. In the afternoon I drove to the North-West of the city to watch my little brother play soccer but they didn’t make it to the game.  Well, I got to tour that part of the city.

I had a nap in the afternoon.  I am training for the 2016 Nap Competition for the Olympics in Brazil.  I am going for Gold for Canada.

Today, I went to the Olympic Oval at the University of Calgary to watch some speed skating.  I had VIP passes.  The food and drink were amazing.  Thanks for Ricoh and Intact Insurance – Ricoh for giving me the tickets and Intact for hosting the event and the food.  Another nap this afternoon – I slept like the dead.  No plan for tonight – maybe a little TV, perhaps some football.

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day and a stat holiday in Alberta.  I am going to a service at the local Legion with a neighbour.  After that, we will go to the dog park then have a nap.  Not only am I getting ready for the Olympics, I am also getting ready for retirement.

All in all, it has been a great weekend.  Hope yours was good as well.

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