A new domain

I registered kevindarcy.ca for myself.  Take a look.  Type in http://kevindarcy.ca and see where you get to?  Well, since I am also cheap, if you happen to click on that link, you will see that it will take you back to my BLOG.  Where else would it go?

A long time ago, back in the mid 90’s, just when the Internet thing was getting off of the ground. I registered darcy.com.  It linked to a web site that I had at the time.  Blogging hadn’t been invented as yet.  Blog hosts weren’t around, likely hadn’t been thought of as yet. I use WordPress.com as my host.  It is pretty darn cheap, less than $20 per year for the domain registration (kdarcy21.com) and the hosting of this BLOG.  I added kevindarcy.ca for $12 a year and just directed it here.

Anyway, back to darcy.com.  I registered it and kept it for a couple of years and then was contacted by a company in Florida, Darcy Cosmetics or something like that – they wanted to buy the domain from me.  We negotiated and came up with an amount of $1500 USD, which, at the time was about $2000 CDN.  It was a fairly complicated matter back then to transfer a domain.  I went through the process and they sent me my cheque.

When .ca domains became available to anyone, I should have registered darcy.ca but I didn’t think of it.  For that matter, I should have registered a bunch of domains and then, to avoid a court fight, the companies could have simply paid me for the domains.  I could have been the first Internet millionaire.  Well, that didn’t happen – oh well.

So, darcy.com and darcy.ca are taken.  Taken, but not being used.  They are registered and up for sale.  Not sure how much, but, they aren’t worth that much to me so I have never even really looked into them.

I doubt that I will do too much with my second domain.  It will link to my primary domain, kdarcy21.com.  The kdarcy is likely obvious to you.  If it isn’t, well…  It is my first initial and my last name, sans the apostrophe.  The 21 is the number that I used during most of my coaching career.  When I first coached an all-star team and wore a regular uniform, I wanted #9 for John Olerud of the Toronto Blue Jays – I see that the Wiki article that I linked to has him in a Boston jersey – yick.  Anyway, he was and still is my favourite player.  Played first base and won the batting title back in the early 90’s when the Jays won back to back World Series.  So, I wanted to be #9.  Well, one of the players wanted to be 9 as well and although there is nothing wrong with a coach and player each wearing the same number, they didn’t have a 9 in my size.  Dang.  One of the other players suggested 21.  At the time, Roger Clemens (odd that they don’t have Clemens in a Red Sox jersey, rather a Yankees jersey, another yick) wore 21 for the Boston Red Sox.  This was before his shorty stint in Toronto, before his stint in New York and before it was revealed that he drugged himself up for most if not all of his career.  Oh well.  Anyway, the 21 stuck.  I was a 21 for the entire time that I coached in SCMBA and in NDBA. I coached for the Canadian Thunderbirds and didn’t have 21, but that’s ok.  My umpire number in Ontario was also changed to 21, ND21 to be specific.  That is where the 21 came from.  I have had license plates with the number 21 as well.  KRD21, 21KRD are two that I remember.  Out here, I had JEEP21, still do.  I guess I could use them, even though I don’t have a Jeep any longer.  Maybe I will swap them.  I am not even sure what my current plate is actually.

Anyway, a short story became a sort of a long post.

I am starting a 4 day weekend today, off today and Monday as well for Remembrance Day.  I have to go in on Saturday to do some server maintenance.  Otherwise, no real plans.  I do have to do some running around today but that’s ok.

Last night I went to a beer event at a liquor store in the south-east with a bunch of co-workers.  One of the guys was unable to go and gave me his ticket.  I am not much of a beer drinker myself, but I did have a few samples.  I liked one, a clear beer which tasted much more like a wine than beer – gotta find the name of that one.  There was some great food as well.  All in all, a good event.  I was a nice guy and gave two co-workers a lift home.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend, I am sure to enjoy my.  Later.  🙂

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