A Driving Rant

For anyone who regularly reads my BLOG, you might have noticed that I will occasionally rant.  Today, for my second post, I am going to rant again.  I have likely even ranted about this before, I am not sure and I am too lazy to look or search my entries to see.  So, if you choose to read this and it turns out that it sounds familiar, don’t complain to me.  🙂

One – Drivers.  In Alberta.  Do I need to say more?  Perhaps I do, especially if you do not live in Alberta.  And, actually, I can’t really say Alberta, I can say Calgary and area – that is FOR SURE.

So, everyone pretty well knows that the regular speed limit on regular city streets is 50km.  Can we essentially agree on that?  Good.  In that case, riddle me this Batman – WHY do drivers insist on driving at 40km?  Why?  Why?  WHY?  It drives me nuts.

Now, today, I am not really in any sort of a hurry.  I am not working today so I really don’t have to be anywhere on any sort of schedule.  But still, come on people.

Two – An expansion on One…  People driving on the highway.  The speed limit on the highway, and by this I am referring to Deerfoot, QE2 is 100km  At points, the speed limit is actually 110km.  Why, in this case, do some drivers drive at 80km?  Really now, this is NOT SAFE.  Not at all.  Today, it was a little old man who could barely see over the freaking steering wheel.  I think there comes a point in everyone’s life when we have to admit to ourselves that perhaps, just perhaps, we should STOP DRIVING. You are going to a) get yourself killed and/or b) kill someone else.  This guy would likely be an a, because he was driving some sort of silly little car.  In a highway full of trucks and SUV’s, he’s dead meat.

Another complaint, this one more mild, so I will say Three – Driving at the speed limit on the highway.  I mean right at it.  It isn’t illegal, but come on.  Who drives at 100km in a 100km zone?  Well, in Alberta (again, Calgary and area) apparently EVERYONE does.  Or, perhaps not everyone, but 90% of the people.  In Ontario, although the speed limit is 100km, it is common practice to drive between 110 and 120 and you are considered “speeding” if you go over that 120 mark.  So, this is just a minor complaint since, as mentioned, it isn’t illegal.  But, people, if you DO want to drive at 100km in a 100km zone, do you have to do it in the passing lane and hold up traffic?  Although you might be content with driving along at that speed, I might want to ZOOM by you at 110, maybe even 115.  Imagine that?

So, in conclusion…  1) drive at 50 on regular roads, 2) if you are old and senile, get off the highways and take public transit and 3) if you insist on driving at the speed limit on the highway, don’t do it in the passing lane

That’s not too much to ask.  Is it?

2013-11-09 (Update) – As a follow-up, and I am sure that I have mentioned this as well, this will be number 4 – WHY does it take so long for people to accelerate when the light turns green?  I would think, and hope, that when you are driving you are actually paying attention.  Don’t text, don’t use your cell to make a call (unless you have Bluetooth), just drive.  Please.  Again, I will ask – that isn’t too much to hope for, is it?  🙂

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