What’s been happening?

Not a heck of a lot really.

I really enjoyed my two weeks away from the office.  It was relaxing, but, I was happy to get back to work.  My day trip to Banff was excellent.  It was late October and the weather was fantastic.  No snow at all and temps in the mid teens during the day.

Now I am back into the normal routine.  Glad to be back actually.

As I am sure I’ve mentioned, I am no longer taking public transit to work.  This is working out REALLY well.  My drive into the office takes 15-20 minutes, depending on traffic.  The walk from the garage to the office is anywhere between 9-12 minutes, it is 8 blocks.  For some reason, the east-west blocks are longer than the north-south blocks, or at least it seems that way.  Either way, the walk is pretty good.  I might not feel that way when the temps drop, but for now, all is well.

I went to the recent Stampeder game when the Stamps clinched home field advantage in the play-offs with a trip to the Western Final.  I am also attending the Western Final in a couple of weeks – not sure who the opponent is as yet though.  Hopefully it won’t be too cold.

We have been busy at work of late.  Some minor technical issues had to be taken care of.  Some OT needed to be worked.  I am off on Friday and then Monday is a stat holiday in Alberta for Remembrance Day.  Didn’t have that in Ontario.  Well, I sort of did being a government employee.  I think I will try to get to one of the services.

Nothing else really happening.  That is good I guess.  I am ready for a busy month of activities in December.  I am actually going to attend the work “holiday” party this year.  It is in a couple of weeks – I need to go and buy a suit for it – so, off to Moore’s I guess.  There is a dinner party for the Calgary East Conservative Association – soon to be called the Calgary Forest Lawn Association.  There is also the Big Brothers / Big Sisters Christmas Party.  I don’t think I have others to attend, guess I will see.

I will be working over the holidays but since the Calgary office is closed, I will be working from home.  That will be good and I am are the dogs will like having me around.  The office is closed between Christmas and New Years.  

No NYE plans as yet – it really isn’t and never has been a big event for me.  If something comes up, great.  If not, I am sure I will be sleeping before 2014 rolls around.

Well, off to work I go.

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