Conservative Weekend

This weekend marks the 2013 Conservative Convention, conveniently hosted in Calgary.  I was going to register to be a delegate, but the price tag of the registration sort of threw me off.  It was up around the $500 mark.  That is a fair amount of coin to drop for a few days of meetings and other events.  Most of it is tax deductible, but I guess I decided it wasn’t worth laying out the money and then waiting until next Spring before getting my refund.

I did attend the Prime Minister’s Keynote speech on Friday evening.  It was busy, the hallways leading into the convention hall were packed.  Now, this crowd isn’t as bad as some, at the very least, we all have the same (or basically the same) political beliefs.  The speech was excellent and well received by the crowd of supporters.

I follow a few left leaning news services on Facebook, mostly for entertainment value.  I must say, for the first time, an article that I read by the Huff Post Canada was accurate and was written without the usual lean – typically, you have to read their articles with your head tilted.  Naturally, the left readers made their typical slamming comments against the PM – I suppose that I would have been disappointed had they not.  Same old, same old though.  What can one expect however?  They aren’t too bright, are they?  After all, the do blindly support Justin Trudeau and if you do that, well, sorry, you aren’t very bright.

The PM commented on the current Senate scandal although he did not mention the Senators by name.  Unless you live in a cave, you know who they are.  Despite what Liberals and NDP supporters might think, the Conservative base does not support what the 3 Conservative (or former Conservative) Senators did and we want them out.  Measures to do just that kept being blocked, so, we can hope that the Senate themselves do the right thing.  No, they have not had a hearing or trial and no, as far as I am aware, they have not been charged.  However, in saying that, if someone was to “steal” $100,000+ in inappropriate expense claims, I am pretty sure that their employer would, at the very least suspend those employees, if not fire them outright and that would happen LONG BEFORE they were charged.

He also made references to other Conservative achievements over the last two years and there have been many and mapped out the next two years.  All in all, a good night in the convention hall.

So, after the keynote had completed, it was off to Cowboys Casino.  Well, as a non-delegate, I was not allowed in.   That sort of sucked.  The people that I wanted to see came out to see me so that was good.  It was nice to touch base with some of my old political friends from Niagara.

Hopefully today, the last day of the convention will go well.  I heard about some wing-nut group planning on protesting over something – well, have fun with that.  Keep it clean and legal.

I am driving a friend back to the airport tomorrow morning after her whirlwind visit to the city.  That’ll conclude the convention activities for me.



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