Although the topic for today’s post is baseball, I will start with something else.  Do I do that often?  Not sure.  Don’t care, it’s my BLOG.

Today is halloween.  I don’t think I have ever gotten dressed up for work.  I am going to today and I will post a picture or two later.  What am I dressing as?  Well, nothing exciting.  I am not one to go and spend money on a costume.  As many of my readers may know, I am an amateur umpire for CABUA (Calgary Area Baseball Umpires Association) and have been umpiring for 16 odd years.  Until recently, it was only a  passing thing with me really, I was much more into coaching.  Since I have moved to Alberta, I have really started to enjoy it.  I think I will continue it moving forward, until that time when I decide to get back into coaching.

So, I plan to wear my full plate equipment and uniform to work today.  That would include plate shoes (essentially steel toed shoes), shin pads, chest protector, helmet, ball bags, everything.  Should be fun.

So, back to baseball, although, talking about umpiring is baseball related.

Last night was game 6 in the World Series between St. Louis and Boston with Boston leading 3-2 in the series.  For those of you who do not follow baseball, at all, it is a 7 game series.  I was pulling for St. Louis, not sure why.  Typically, I would pull for the AL team in all cases, other than if the Yankees are in it.

Despite me wanting St. Louis to win, Boston blew them out.  I had to zip out briefly to get a bag of munchies and dog food and was gone for 15 minutes and when I got back home, it was a 5-0 lead for the Sox.  I figured at that point the game was pretty well over – I was correct.

So, congratulations to Boston.  Well done.  In the 2012 season, they finished last and this year, the World Series.  Pretty damn good.

I am currently a Jays fan.  Actually, more accurately, I am a fan of baseball.  But, if singled out, I would say I pull for the Jays.  It has been a long 20 years since they won a World Series.  Actually, I don’t think they’ve made the play-offs since then.  So, now that I am no longer in Southern Ontario, I am giving them two more seasons to turn things around.

I don’t mean that they have to win the World Series in the next two years, they just need to do something positive in an effort towards making it there.  Despite all of the news that the Jays made last winter in signing players, I really didn’t think it would do much and it didn’t.  I don’t care for the current GM, AA.  He was “trained” by the previous GM and he was an idiot.  He NEEDS to go.  I hope the Jays realize this sooner rather than later because if they don’t, I doubt that they are going anywhere.

The Manager also needs to go.  He’s recycled.  He coached a few years ago and for some reason was re-hired.  He might be a good manager, not sure.  Not with this club anyway.

Some may say I am not a “real” Jays fan.  Well, I really have not followed any other team in my life.  It has always been the Jays.  But, two years is what I will give them.  Not that they will care.  Not that I really care.  I don’t watch a lot of baseball during the summer.  It can be a little boring.  I umpire enough baseball that I really don’t need to follow MLB until the play-offs.

Who will I follow after two years?  Who knows.  Lots of time to shop.

In closing, again, congrats to the Boston Red Sox.  Well played series.  Well done.

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