Falling into place

I have been in Calgary for over 1.5 years now.  I have lived in the same place for that entire time.  I am finally getting things in order in my place.

Now, I have been unpacked since a few days after I moved in, I am not that bad.  But, little things weren’t done.

For example – I had connected my stereo receiver to the PVR/TV.  Why?  Not sure.  Just hadn’t.  I guess part of the reason is that Blondie must have gotten hungry and she ate the power cord for the sub.  She also ate a few of the speaker wires for the side speakers.

My ex-roomate got kicked out (and arrested, see https://kdarcy21.com/2012/07/08/calgarys-finest/ for details) and never came back for most of his crap.  I checked with CPS (Calgary Police Service) and after 4 months of not contacting me, his stuff became my stuff.  Anyway, I sorted through some of it and found a nice set of speakers – they are now connected to my receiver – great sound.  I also took a DVD player – low quality, but it’s ok.  Not sure what else I might have taken, most of it was junk.  Oh well.

So, anyway, my receiver is connected.  The DVD player is connected.  The living room is configured the way I like it.  I have increased to Telus Optik’s faster internet, works well.  I am getting the carpeting in the upstairs removed and laminate flooring installed – that will be WAY easier to keep clean than the carpeting is.

I got my washer serviced this morning, well, it was supposed to be this morning, was actually this afternoon.  That is now A-OK.

I still need to have my dining room chairs put together.  They were together when I left Ontario.  My brother in law disassembled them so that they would all fit into the trailer I rented.  Unfortunately, I did not see him disassemble them so I am not actually sure on putting them back together.  I am sure if I actually tried I could put them back together – I am not too handy, but, despite rumours to the contrary, I am not an idgit.

So, although this place isn’t perfect, it is pretty good.  I have a huge place, WAY more room than I need but it is good.  I am close to work.  Close to shopping and close to the main north-south highway.

I might, and I stress might, decide to rent one of my rooms out again.  If I do, I will have much more of a process before I rent it.  Rentals are in a pinch right now so I think I will have a lot of people looking at it.  We will see.  The additional money coming in would be nice.


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