What happened to Fall?

Well, Calgary’s short Fall season appears to be pretty well over.  Today, the forecast was calling for up to 20cm of snow in the Calgary area.  Well, luckily it was off a bit – mind you, the day is not over as yet.

Thus far, we have a few centimeters of the white crap on the ground but the roads are too warm for it to stay around.  My vehicle is covered – guess I will bring out the brush tomorrow.  I doubt that we will get 20cm, but we will see.

I used to enjoy Fall.  Still do, but Fall is rather short around here.  It lasts for a month, maybe more.  We do have 4 seasons here.  Spring, for a couple of months, Summer – about a month long in total, maybe two and Fall, again, maybe two months.  That leaves us with at least 6 months of Winter.   Still love it though.

I received a call from the Big Brothers office on Friday afternoon wondering if I wanted tickets to go to the Saturday Stampeders game.  I said yes, for sure and headed to pick them up.  I did check with my little brother – his mom was out and he couldn’t get a hold of her.  Well, I figured it wouldn’t be an issue – it wasn’t.

So, off we went yesterday afternoon to McMahon Stadium.  We took the train, it was busy.  We arrived shortly after kick-off.  It was a good game.  Calgary ended up on top, 29-25 and secured home field advantage through the playoffs until the Grey Cup.  The train ride to the game was filled with Rider fans, telling us Stamps fans how their team was going to beat us up, etc.  The ride back was much quieter.  Guess the Rider fans had nothing to brag about.

I purchased two slices of pizza and two bottles of pop at the game.  Total?  Can you believe $19.50?  I couldn’t.  Sort of insane.  Oh well, what can you do?  If you want to eat at the game, I guess you have to pay the price.

It was a good afternoon.  Good game.  Good times all around.

I am glad that today’s weather held off – it wouldn’t have been as much fun.


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