Internet News, News in General

I think I like to punish myself or something.

I have often said that I should NOT read internet news, the newspaper, news in general.

For those of you who don’t know me, I can be fairly opinionated.  Now, I know that my comment feed on this post will be flooded with comments telling me that I am not, BUT, it is true.

If I don’t agree with something that I am reading, I tend to yell at whatever source I am getting it from.  For instance, if I am reading a news article on Facebook using my laptop, and the news doesn’t agree with me, I logically yell at the computer and indirectly Facebook because they were the presenters of the news.  Logical, right?

My sister used to LOVE it when I would read the newspaper at her house from time to time.  She’d especially love it when I was reading letters to the editor – that was her favourite.  On my recent visit, I discovered that she had cancelled her subscription to the St. Catharines Standard.  Coincidence?  Perhaps.  More likely that the St. Catharines Standard has recently become something like a tabloid newspaper.   The articles that they post on Facebook REALLY make it appear so.  I also cancelled my subscription, for that very reason.  I am also 3000 some kilometers away so I really no longer care about local news to the Niagara Region.

I also do things to apparently torture myself.

For instance, I am “subscribed” to the Huffington Post’s feed in Facebook.  For those of you who do not know what the Huff Post is, well, it is a left-wing Internet rag news service.  It would appear that their intention is to post articles to get their lefty readers all up in arms with comments, feeding off one another.  My job, so it would seem, is to comment online, irritating the masses.  There are a few of us who do this.  It is quite fun actually.  I often consider unsubscribing from the feed, but I can’t seem to pull the trigger.

I am also subscribed to some right-wing publications.  Their articles are designed the exact same way, however, they are designed to get the right-wingers, such as myself all up in arms too.  I rarely comment on those articles since in general, I agree with what is being written and with what people are commenting.  Occasionally, a left-wing nut will comment and if I happen to read the comment, and can think of something witty, I will reply.  I suppose I do it to get a reaction.  It often works.  It is fun.  It is also cheap entertainment,

So, I will say it again.  I should stop reading news.  I know I won’t – who’d want to miss out on all the fun.

OK.  Now it is your job.  Comment, like I suggested you will.  Thank you.

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