COPA Event

COPA stands for Canadian Owners & Pilots Association.  Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Calgary hosted an event at the Springbank airport.  We headed out early, hit Denny’s for breakfast and got to the airport shortly after 8:30am.

We learned about flying and how planes do it – would you believe that it is magic?  News to me.

They had a games room while we were waiting so we shot a couple of games of pool.  They also had foosball, air hockey and darts.  Yes, darts is a great activity for kids.  No one got hurt, that’s a good thing.

NM and I were in the last group to take to the air.  It was a Cessna from the early 60’s.  The pilot apparently had over 50 years of flight experience.  The winds were a little high but within tolerance levels I guess since we did take off.

Hit some minor turbulence while climbing to 6500′.  Springbank airport is just west of Calgary.  We turned south and headed to Bragg Creek and then turned again and returned.



There is a nice shot of the rockies.

The Crew

There is the crew that took to the air.  

All in all, it was an excellent morning.  Flying in a small 4-seater is so different than a big jet.  You feel all of the bumps – I guess if you were prone to getting airsick, this might be a problem.

We had a good time – no airsickness with us – luckily…  🙂


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1 Response to COPA Event

  1. Barbara says:

    Glad I wasn’t there – I used to get motion sickness all the time. Would have liked to see the views, though.

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