Wow, a lot of posts…

As I have mentioned, I am on vacation.  Not the type of vacation where I am sitting by a pool drinking (although, that might not be too bad) but rather, I am on a staycation.  Just sticking around the house pretty well.  Not too bad.

So, I am just watching some baseball at the moment and ready past blog entries here.  Wow, I have made a LOT of entries.

I remember when I first started blogging, I was planning on going back and reading what I had done with myself.  Not a lot of excitement I guess.  All in all, what I read was snippets of something called “life”.  Sort of cool really.  Obviously, I remember everything that I did after I have read it, but while reading it, in a few cases I am thinking to myself, wow, I didn’t remember that at first.

Perhaps if I am ever really bored, I will go back to the start and read all 540+ entries.  Maybe someday, I will print them all and make a book.  I am sure that would be a best seller and would make me millions.  I could finally retire.


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