Vacation at home

My flight arrived into Calgary a little earlier than scheduled on Tuesday night, about 9:50pm (mountain time) as opposed to 10:15.  Was home by 10:45.  Asleep by 11.

Not a bad flight at all.  Fairly uneventful.  The airline (Air Canada) allowed me to take two pieces of carry on luggage on the plane.  I was expecting to have to check the second one and pay an additional $20 so that was good.  The bad news, with all of the additional “stuff” that I had packed, my suitcase was over weight by a few kilograms.  Now, I could have left it and paid an additional $75, but, I don’t want to have to do that now, do I?

So, everything that was in the two front pockets of the suitcase was stuffed, jammed and crammed into the various compartments of the backpack that I was using.  It then resembled more of a small suitcase as opposed to a backpack.  It also likely weighed 20 pounds.  Anyway, since they let you bring the same amount on the plane, why did they really care if the suitcase was over weight?  I mean, I didn’t leave anything at the airport, it all made it to Calgary so I can only presume it flew with me.  Oh well.  At any rate, the person who checked me in at the Air Canada counter was very polite and helpful – thank you.

I watched the new Star Trek movie, Into Darkness on the flight.  It was a great way to kill more than half of the flying time.  It was also a pretty good movie.  It took a bit to get used to the new cast but they are pretty good.  I am looking forward to the next movie which I am sure is already in the planning stages at least.

So, now I have a few days in Calgary with little to do.

I retrieved my dogs from their “resort”, they were happy to see me.  Blondie was jumping all over – I think she may have thought that I abandoned her there.  This was their first visit to this particular resort and I think they enjoyed it.  I hope so, they are going back on Sunday for a couple of nights.  I had an upgrade to my Telus internet services (up to 25mbps down, 2.5mbps up) and had my washing machine looked at – something is wrong with the door lock (it is a front load) and if it can’t lock, it can’t wash.  They need a part so hopefully he’ll be able to come back next week.  I can still use it, it is difficult to lock though.

The rest of yesterday was relaxing, for both myself and the dogs.  They are tired from their 10 days in the kennel.  I am tired from long days at the conference and then visiting with friends.

Nothing planned for either today or tomorrow really.  I have done a bunch of house cleaning and re-organized my living room – I flipped it 180 degrees, the way I have always wanted it actually.  Still have some stuff to do today with it, I am just taking a break now.  Yeah, that’s it.

Saturday I am hanging with my little brother.  We are doing that event at the airport and then a tour over the city – should be cool.  The weather is supposed to cooperate, this time.  We will see.  Sunday, Zeus and Blondie return to Country Club Pet Resort and I head for Banff. I am planning on playing the tourist role Sunday afternoon.  Should be fun and a good way to end my week off.

Summer is definitely over and Fall is turning quickly to winter.  I am sure that the snow will fly in the next couple of weeks.  Oh well, I still love it.

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