That was a good conference

Well, the conference up in Collingwood was a good one.  Excellent rooms, awesome food and really good presentations, with the odd exception of course.

We did some fun activities as well.  Our team building event on Tuesday afternoon was some sort of scavenger hunt – my team came in second place.  Not bad, out of 10 teams as well and we only lost by 1 point.

On Tuesday night I joined a bunch of co-workers for some drinks in one of the local bars in the Blue Mountain Village.  Good times around for sure.  While we were bar hopping, I received a notification that the Calgary office was down.  I didn’t take much note because this will happen from time to time and typically, it will be back up within minutes.

Well, not this time apparently.  About an hour later, I received a second alert.  So, I did a check to ensure that the power was still on and it was – so that is a good sign.  Nothing else that I can really physically check, I am over 3000km away.  So, it is about 11:30pm Eastern so I decided to call one of the office admin people to see if she’d be able to go into the office early the next day, presuming that the issue wasn’t resolved over night.  No problem there, she’d be in by 5:30am or so.

I started work at 6:30am and the first thing I checked was the Calgary office status – still down.  Not good.  Telus had not informed us that it was a Telus issue, so something else was going on.

RD got in and I had her do some testing.  Looks like the main switch in our server room has failed.  The switch essentially connects all of the computers in the office to the servers and the internet.  So, we place a service call with Avaya and they will ship us a new switch – it will arrive sometime later that evening.  I contact the IT guy up in Edmonton, he didn’t attend the conference and let him know that he needs to get to Calgary as soon as he can.

Well, long story a bit shorter (perhaps), he’s able to get everyone in the office back up and running – he temporarily moves connections on the 6th floor to the two other switches and then moves the now empty switch back to 5.  The office admin person meets the courier at 11:30pm to receive the new switch.

My co-worker in the office was in today – I am on vacation.  The replacement switch can’t be connected, the port that we need to connect to is damaged.  They will be shipping yet another switch.  The office is still good, so that isn’t too bad.

The replacement switch will now be delivered on Tuesday morning.  I won’t be back in the office until the following week, not even back in Alberta until Tuesday evening so I won’t be doing anything further on it.

The rest of the conference was good.  The presentations, for the most part, were very informative and we learned a thing or two.  The team building activity was great.  Did I mention the zip-line or the roller coaster?

We wrapped things up on Thursday afternoon and made a mostly uneventful trip back to the airport in Toronto.  I figured that I was going to  be taking a taxi from the airport to my Aunt’s place and then we were going out for a family dinner.  Well, the driver offered to take me pretty well to my Aunt’s place, it was on his way back to his garage.  Thank you – saved me about $60 in a taxi fare.

Dinner was good – Red Lobster.  Had a good time sort of visiting with the family and we returned to Niagara.  I have a few days to get in touch with friends and do some hanging out.  Should be a good couple of days.

I called the Pet Resort where Zeus and Blondie are staying – I am told that both dogs are enjoying themselves.  I am looking forward to picking them up on Wednesday morning.  Their stay will last 10 days which is the longest, by far, that I have left them – I will be happy to see them and I am sure they will be happy to see me.

A few days after I get them, I am taking them back as I have to provide support for a conference in Banff and am staying over night.  What can ya do, that is the price of working I guess.

Anyway, I plan on enjoying myself for the rest of my stay in Ontario but am looking forward to getting back into the routine in Alberta.

Have fun, I am sure I will.

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