I don’t follow many on Twitter.  If you do and you care to read any of what someone says, it becomes impossible.  So, if I find irritating behavior is the norm in what I am reading, I will un-follow.

Well, I did this last night with someone who I would consider a minor celebrity, Wil Wheaton.  He sent a series of tweets based on an excerpt from Eddie Murphy’s Delirious.  At one point, I saw part or perhaps even all of that comedy routine, I didn’t particularly find it funny.  I don’t find Eddy Murphy funny.  When someone re-tweets it, I don’t find it funny, AT ALL.  There was a series of at least 6-8 tweets in a row of a grandma falling down the stairs.  Yeah, whatever.

Anyway, I decided to un-follow.  Over the past while, I have found his tweets to be less and less entertaining.  Now, he isn’t under any obligation to be entertaining nor funny, I have no idea what his goals are on Twitter.  When I un-followed, I tweeted the following:

@wilw And with that last series of idiotic tweets, you are un-followed. Have fun.

I am sure, 100% completely sure that it would have ended there except for one thing.  For some reason, Wil Wheaton (and for those of you who do not know who this is, he played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek TNG and more recently, himself in The Big Bang Theory and way back, Stand By Me, I am sure other movies as well) decided to re-tweet my tweet.  He has 2+ MILLION followers on Twitter and, apparently from the tweets and comments made, they were offended that I had un-followed him.

I was watching baseball (Detroit @ Oakland, ALDS) when this started on my phone.  It didn’t stop for well over an hour and even this morning, I was still getting what are called mentions.

I am not complaining.  Really, I am not.  I could have chosen to simply ignore the attention that I had unwittingly received, but, that is simply not my style.  I replied to many, if not all of the mentions.  Some people had cool comments and I “favorited” them (sort of like Liking a status in Facebook, I guess).  Some people were rude, some people actually threatened me, if you can believe that.  I actually had to report and block one guy.

Being re-tweeted by a celebrity is rare, I would think.  There are millions and millions of tweets every day and it is impossible to see them all. I would say good timing allowed all of this to happen.  I happened to be on Twitter at the right time and Wil happened to see my reply at the right time and decided, for reasons unknown, that it was worthy of a re-tweet.

So, to anyone who is a fan of @willw on Twitter and didn’t like me mentioning that I was un-following, lighten up.  One can pretty well do what one wants on Twitter.

The question I kept asking of those who asked me why I had to “announce my un-follow” was, why are you spending the time to ask me why?  Skip over my tweet.  Was I looking for the attention?  Not really.  I honestly didn’t think that my un-follow would be noticed. AT ALL, by anyone.  Now, be reassured, I do not have an ego massive enough to think that this will have any effect on Wil Wheaton.  I doubt he cares, in fact, I doubt that he remembers it at all this morning.  If I am wrong and he is offended by this then please, accept my apologies.  If you want, I will even start to follow you again.

Anyhow, to @wilw, all the best – continue what you do, whatever that is and I will continue on my end.  To his followers, continue following.  To everyone else, have fun.  🙂

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