A Friday Mini Rant

I have been in Alberta for about a year and a half, give or take.  I know that I have already ranted about the way that people walk in the this city, now I am going to rant about how people drive.  You see, there is just no pleasing me…

I am not sure where people learned to drive around here, really, I’m not.  I mean in general, most people probably think that most other people don’t know how to drive.  People are generally safe it would seem, but, when driving down a road, why does it ALWAYS seem that I am following some idiot that takes 5 minutes to get their vehicle up to 50km?  Actually, if they got to 50km, that wouldn’t be so bad, BUT, it also seems that they top out at about 40km.

Come on people, that is a full 10km per hour slower than the speed limit.  On other streets, such as Memorial Drive for instance where the larger sections have a speed limit of 80km, it takes you even longer to get to speed and then it tops out at times at 60km.

Now, I am not talking about winter conditions here.  No.  I am talking about nice conditions.  Mid-day.  Sunny.  Clear skies.

Speaking of winter driving, it seems that this changes everyone.  Instead of slowing down like some people might do, they speed up.  Does this make sense?  No, not really.  Calgary doesn’t necessarily do a good job on snow clearing, at least to what I am used to.  People don’t seem to care.  Lots of fun.

Last night, I was returning from my  office at around 8:30pm.  It was dark and there was very little traffic.  The taxi in front of me was stopped at a light.  The driver turned on his interior light and started to read something, who knows what it was.  He accelerated slowly, VERY slowly, still reading.  I followed along, patient as ever for what seemed like forever.  He got to about 30km and leveled out at that speed, still reading.  I honked.  This appeared to “wake” him up and he accelerated, to 40km, still reading.  He might have been texting, but it looked to me like he wasn’t really holding a phone or anything.  By this point, I had had it with this taxi driver and I pulled around him.  I, of course, gave him the finger.  Unfortunately, he was STILL reading so he didn’t see me.

Anyway, I can’t be the only person who notices these things, can I?  Pay attention people.  I am not saying to red line your car accelerating to get to speed but really now.  And when using an on-ramp to the highway when it is clear in front of you, I REALLY don’t think there is much of a need to hit your brakes.  The on-ramp is straight.  There is 400m of it left BEFORE you need to merge.  There is NOTHING in front of you.  Go.  Merge.  Get out of my way.

Perhaps I am in too much of a hurry, I am not sure.

I have always wanted some sort of laser on the front of my vehicle to vaporize the people in front of me.  That would get rid of most of the problems.  Guess it might be illegal though.

I don’t think that I piss anyone off behind me, do I?

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