What’s been happening?

Well, it has been a busy few weeks.

As I have mentioned, I joined Big Brothers and was matched earlier this month.  We have started hanging out and he’s a great kid.

This past Wednesday, I had tickets for the Calgary Flames versus the Phoenix Coyotes in the last exhibition game of the pre-season. I had never been to a Flames game in Calgary so this was a first.  The Saddledome was in ship-shape condition after being wrecked by the floods back in June.  It was good to see.

So, myself, my little brother and two co-workers headed to Saddledome to enjoy some pre-season action.  It wasn’t really much of a game, the Flames started the 3rd period down 2-0 but came back and forced overtime.  Calgary ended up losing near the end of the extra period.  Oh well.  I am hoping to see a few more games this winter – if I get free tickets.  It isn’t a cheap evening for sure.

This past weekend, we head to Big Brothers Ranch Day out in Bragg Creek.  Canoeing, hiking, a low ropes course and horseback riding were on tap for the day.  Not too bad at all.  We started out the day at Smitty’s for all-u-can-eat breakfast – always a good start to the day.

Today, I umpired a double-header.  It was the Babe Ruth league, elite level.  It wasn’t too elite.  The pitching and defence were a bit off, that’s for sure.  I umpired with a new guy that I had not met before.  In a word, I would describe him as arrogant.  I found out that he was also evaluating me while we umpired together.

Now, I don’t know this guys background, but, from what I saw of him, he wasn’t qualified to evaluate anyone.  This became even more clear in the second game when I was behind the plate.  He was on the bases, NEVER came into the set position, didn’t call outs (on fly balls for instance) and generally appeared to be bored and thinking that the level of ball he was playing was beneath him.

For someone who is supposed to be evaluating me and supposedly a “role model” perhaps, he did a shitty job, in my opinion.

Oh well.

I still found the games enjoyable.  We started at 10am and were finished the second game at 2:30, so, not a bad day at all.

I have another double-header next weekend and that will be it for the 2013 season as I am heading to Ontario for a couple of weeks.  All in all, a pretty good season.

So, now you are all up to date.  🙂

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