Pedestrians in Calgary

What is with the way that people walk in the City of Calgary?

I will admit that people are pretty good about obeying crosswalk lights and most people don’t jaywalk, these are good things.  But, with good, there is always bad as well.

People routinely step out into traffic without even looking.  They are completely oblivious to the world around them.  They either are wearing earphones with music cranked up (I’ll admit, I wear earphones when I take public transit, they aren’t cranked though, I can still hear you, I am just ignoring you) or they are typing away on their smartphone.

Drivers in Calgary are pretty good around these idiot pedestrians.  They seem to take extra care in NOT running them over.  They seem to have extra level of patience with them too.

This is good.  If it weren’t the case, the City would have a LOT of dead walkers on the streets.

Last night, I was coming home from the grocery store and nearly hit a guy who was jay-walking.  It was a black guy, wearing all black clothes, at night, crossing a 6 lane wide street.  He could have walked less than a half block in either direction to a light, but I guess he chose last night to lose one of his nine lives.

I am not sure if he was wearing ear buds, head phones or anything else – it happened too quickly.  I am glad I missed him.  It would have made a mess on my truck.

As a word of warning to Calgarians – If you EVER visit the City of Toronto in Ontario, take care.  If you walk the same way in Toronto as you do in Calgary, and I can’t stress this enough, YOU WILL DIE.  Toronto drivers will not stop for you.  Toronto drivers will not slow down and if you jay-walk, in the middle of the night across a 6 lane road wearing all black, they won’t see you and you will get hit.

There, my Public Service announcement is done for another year.

Walk safely fellow Calgarians.  Especially if you leave the safety of our nice City.

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