The Story of Blondie

Well, a few weeks ago, or perhaps a few months ago, I posted the Story of Zeus.  Blondie has been bugging me to tell her story, so, here it is.  Well, she actually likely doesn’t read my blog, I rarely give her access to my laptop.  But, in all fairness, her story needs to be told as well.

Back in May of 2011, likely earlier than that, I started to think about getting a companion for Zeus and a second dog for myself.  I was told that having a second dog would be a LOT more work and that I should “give my head a shake”.  Well, I do sometimes listen to advice, but this time, I didn’t.  Turns out that having a second dog really isn’t a lot more work.  I guess my costs doubled, but, they are more than worth it.

In 2011 (and from when I adopted him), Zeus didn’t have much tolerance for other dogs.  He didn’t particularly care for larger dogs, dogs who were darker coloured (is he prejudice?) or yappy little dogs.  He did have a few “blonde” dog friends, so I thought, perhaps he’d get along with a blonde coloured dog.

I didn’t want to get a long haired dog, too much shedding.  Other dogs were basically out because I didn’t want to create an environment where Zeus might want to fight.

At the time, I was working for the Region of Niagara.  We had an internal buy/sell/trade web site where people could post all kinds of ads for pretty well anything.  This is actually one of the things that I miss about working at the RON – oh well…

Anyway, I saw an ad for Yellow Labs for sale – 6 weeks old.  I called and was told that there were two left, both females.  Well, I actually wanted another male dog, but I figured I would go and take a look – not really seriously considering getting one.  They were a great price – the breeder wanted to get rid of the last two and had reduced the price down to $200.  That is less expensive than getting many dogs from the local Humane Society.

Now, before you go off on me about buying from a breeder, these people didn’t regularly breed their labs, this, I was told, was an accidental breeding and they didn’t want 9 puppies around.  A large litter to be sure.

So, at lunch one afternoon, I decided to take a drive out to check out the available pups.  When I got there, only one was left.  The “runt” of the litter, a cute little, almost white dog with no name.  She was friendly and licked my hand when I approached her.  Little did I know that licking would be something that this new dog LOVED to do.

She was adorable.  I told them that I would like my dog Zeus to meet her before I committed as he didn’t like some dogs and if he “approved”, I would take her.

So much for not getting another dog.  So much for thinking about it.  I guess it was love at first sight.

After work, I went home and picked up Zeus and made the drive back so he could meet his new friend.  He wasn’t aggressive, wasn’t anything really, he ignored her, completely.  She, on the other hand thought he was great – I think she loved him as soon as she met him.

So, I told them, yes, I would take her.  I’d pick her up the next day – I don’t remember exactly why I didn’t take her then.

So, Zeus and I left, Zeus likely thinking it was the last time he’d see this little blonde dog.

After work the following day, I drove back to pick up our new addition.  I had been thinking of a name for the dog.  I had thrown around various Goddesses names, to go along with the Greatest God of them all (Zeus) and eliminated them, one by one.  Who’d want to named Athena or something like that?  I was tossing names based around the colour of the new dog.  Butterscotch?  No, too long and likely shortened to Butter, perhaps to Scotch or worse yet, BS?  My sister, JB, had always said that dogs learned their names easier if they ended in “ie” or “y”, and all of her dogs had been named that way.  After bouncing a few off the current owners and they had a few suggestions, I decided on Blondie.

So, off I go with Blondie in hand, or rather, in arm.  Even when she was 6 weeks old, I couldn’t quite hold her in a hand.

Blondie 1

Blondie on Day 1 – 6 weeks old

She said “good bye” to her mom and remaining brother (they were keeping him) and off we went.  I put her on the front seat of the car and back to St. Catharines we headed.  Our first stop was to purchase a collar and leash as she didn’t have them.  The people in the pet store of course thought she was adorable, and she was (still is).  Our next stop was to the ball park, a baseball tournament was going on.  A few people that I knew thought that I was nuts getting a second dog.  Oh well, I’ll admit to being nuts I guess.

After an hour or so at the ball park with Blondie following me around, I decided it was time to go home and introduce her again to Zeus and Zeus to her.

As we pulled into my driveway, Blondie sitting in my lap (I’d like to see me drive now with her in my lap – that would no longer be possible), she puked, all over my lap.  Nice.  Good way to start a life together.  Actually, I have read that if a dog pukes on you on the ride home, it means a long happy life together.  🙂

We got inside and Zeus was pretty well like, “what is THAT doing in MY house?”  He didn’t seem very impressed.  Blondie though, loved her new “big brother” from the moment she met him.

Over the next day and a bit, Zeus completely ignored Blondie and I was worried that he would never warm up to her.  Just as I was thinking of calling the breeder to see if they would take her back, Zeus weakened and started to play with her, much to my relief.  I wouldn’t say that he did anything more than tolerate this new addition, but at least he was acknowledging her existence.

Over the next weeks, I house trained Blondie, she learned to walk down the stairs and all of the other “stuff” that new puppies need to learn.  She drove Zeus nuts with her playfulness and energy – Zeus was 5 when I got Blondie, so he was a mature dog and didn’t want to play all the time.

Now, nearly 2.5 years after getting Blondie, they get along just fine.  Zeus will occasionally grumble (OK, more than occasionally perhaps) when she “bugs” him and will growl if she dares to brush up against him on the couch, but essentially, I think he more than just tolerates her now, I actually think he likes her.  She, still, as she did on day 1, worships the ground he walks on.

Blondie has been a good addition to the family and we are BOTH happy to have her around.

Blonde and her best friend, Zeus

Blonde and her best friend, Zeus

Now, should I get myself another dog?  🙂

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2 Responses to The Story of Blondie

  1. Linda says:

    What an awesome story Kevin…..and your furry family is beautiful.

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