Big Brothers

I have a new little brother through Big Brother / Big Sisters Calgary.   I originally signed up shortly after I came to Calgary and was matched in August of 2012.  It started out well, we got along and hung out about one every two weeks.  He was at his mom’s place every other weekend so we didn’t get together those weekends.

After school started, we had some issues because of some troubles in school and being grounded.  He wasn’t allowed out of the house but I was allowed to come over so I did.  We were supposed to go to a Calgary Hitmen game and he wasn’t allowed to – not much fun.  This continued on and off for most of the rest of 2012 during the school year.

Towards the end of November, we finally did go to a Hitmen game – it wasn’t much of a game as I remember, they lost 10-1 or something along those lines.

I purchased a vehicle in late January of 2013 and shortly after getting it, we went out for an evening to hang out.  That was early February and it was actually the last time that we did anything together.

I did try to schedule outings and we were supposed to go out a number of times but in each case, my little brother would cancel out on me telling me that he was out with friends, etc.  For extended periods of time, he also didn’t return any text messages or phone calls.  Although he indicated that he was interested in keeping the “match” going, it was obvious to me that he really wasn’t interested.

Towards the end of the school year, I contacted the case worker again and let her know about the issues with the match.  By the end of July or so, the match was closed at my asking – it had been six months since we went out – not an ideal match I guess.

I think that there were many issues going on here.  My little brother had turned 15 and was obviously more interested in hanging out with his friends than me – that’s ok.  I wish him the best and hope all works out for him.

So, I decided to try another match again.  I spoke again with the caseworker, went in to fill in another police background check and was told that I would be matched in the coming weeks.

I had my match meeting yesterday, Thursday the 5th of September.  We are planning on heading out on Sunday – I am not exactly sure what we are doing as yet.  My little brother just turned 12, so he’s a little younger than the last one, he’s in grade 7 which in Calgary is the start of Junior High.

I am hopeful that the match will work – I think it will.

I am sure that I will send some postings this way.  🙂


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