Four months until Christmas…

Yeah, OK – that is the first and last time that I will mention that one.

I do have a friend on Facebook that seems to enjoy posting countdowns until Christmas and they seem to start sometime in January I think.  The only reason that I picked that particular title is because when I looked at the date in my system tray, I noticed that it is August 25.  OK, enough on that – moving along.

The BDO Calgary office decided that we would not have our Calgary Stampede party and I believe that they have also cancelled one of the Christmas parties.  Dang – didn’t want to mention that again.  Anyway, the funds that would normally have been put into the various parties that were cancelled instead were being directed into various causes to help with the flooding that the area experienced this past June.

I know that a large donation was made (or will be made) to the Calgary Zoo which was badly damaged in the flooods.  A good cause for sure.  Apparently, from what I read, the zoo sustained about 50 million dollars in damage and it will be years until it is back in pre-flood shape.  In partially re-opened at the end of July and will hopefully completely re-open by the end of the year.  I, and I would guess most if not all of my co-workers, have no issue with cancelling a party or two in order to provide much needed funds for this.

Another “project” that we are doing is providing back to school supplies for a number of young students in the High River area.  An email came out sometime last week asking for volunteers to assist with purchasing items and stuffing backpacks.

I am one of the odd men on the planet that actually doesn’t mind shopping, especially when it involves someone else’s money.  So, I volunteered.  I was given $800 to purchase backpacks and a number of back to school supplies.  I needed to purchase for a total of 16 kids and in total, we were purchasing for 125.  I figured that I might have some issues doing this myself, so, I asked my co-worker if he’d join me on Saturday morning and assist.  Not only did he assist, he brought along his wife and two daughters to help out.

So, off we went to Wal-Mart and spent an hour or so selecting supplies for 16.  We filled two shopping carts and made our way to the checkouts.  For some odd reason, people didn’t fall into line behind us.  I am not surprised, seeing as it took the cashier about 15 minutes to check us through.  The total came to just over $500 or about $32 per kid – not too bad at all.  At that rate, the office should be able to outfit a few hundred students seeing as we had a budget of about $125 per student.  There will be some happy kids in High River come the start of school.  It is only a small gesture on our parts in the grand scheme of things, but for some families that have lost a lot or everything, it will be a big help.

We have a backpack stuffing lunch this week and then we will deliver the items to the school.  I have a large vehicle and will volunteer to drive, if needed.

This is the first weekend, I think, that I have not had to umpire all summer.  The season has ended for most of the leagues with the only baseball currently happening being Senior ball.  There are only a few games that have to be spread out among all of the umpires so I am not surprised that I didn’t get any games this weekend.  Some Fall ball leagues start up in the next few weeks so I am sure that I will get a few more games.  I have been saving the funds that I have earned for my trip to Ontario – I have not yet been paid, so when I am (in September), I will have the funds to put my dogs in a kennel and will have spending money for my trip.

Speaking of my trip, it is going to be a busy few days.  I will be in Niagara for 5 days and I am sure I will be busy pretty much from morning to night.  When I get back to Calgary, I will have a few days off before I return to work so I will be able to recover.

I am looking forward to the trip – it will be a good time.

For now, I am off to visit the new kennel that I will be putting Zeus and Blondie in for my trip.  It is south of Calgary but looks great.  Gotta see for myself.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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